“Every now and then, the heart and mouth refuse to accommodate one another. At this juncture, it is of the utmost that the hand facilitate compromise.”

No need for x-rays. Here you can examine our hearts without devices of any sort.

Poetry / Prose / Written Art

© wakingpain Ink

5 Responses to “poetry”

  1. Greg, good friend, you are truly a poet at heart. With every poem you write you get better, if only I had the same drive that drives you poetry I could produce something and post it. May you never lose your poetic inspiration friend.

  2. What a relief, what a joy, that you are writing again. My faith in the rightness of the universe, the divinity of God, and the perfection of His creation has been restored (yeah, I know, perhaps a bit much, but I’m being serious). Welcome back, my friend.



  4. Only if you’ll pay the bill, sweetheart.

  5. Matthew Bowerman Says:

    i would like to see a shrink, are you a shrink? i wonder how long before you lose your mind….. or spoon…. that would be cool *laugh out loud*

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