novem ûndecim

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we were a dynasty nation
my brothers and i were
i the old the eldest
and they the twin heirs
we were kings among paupers
and more than mere men
we were taller
we were stronger
we were loved
we were lovers
children grew in our shadows
a  nation grew in our shadows
nothing grows now
now that my brothers are gone
i weep for their memories
and cry over their graves
i was meant to go first
they were the young
they were to inherit
i was not meant to outlive them
yet here i am
once a dynasty nation
now only an empire state


Lost Background Noise

Posted in Affairs of the Heart, Ideas, Past experiences, Posted by Matt on 22 September 2008 - Monday by Matthew Bowerman

Lost in the background, Lost in the noise
Slowly beating into my mind, In this fog i can’t seem to find
Words, expressions, hopes, they mean nothing here.
Where control is everything
there’s everything to fear
So thoughtless to my mind
to my feelings, to my time
tearing inside me
you destroy me from my mind
drugging me until there’s nothing left
except the tears, Where did they come from?
don’t ever justify the control you stole
free will that was forsaken from you
and torn from me
I’ll hide that from all of you
Deep inside my heart
lost to eternity
until my heart opens to someone
or until my heart breaks someone

forgeting the lizard

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i saw a lizard
in the water
in a fountain
in an atrium
in a building
in a city
in a state
in a country
in a world
in a solar system
in a galaxy
in the universe
and as i thought
about the universe
i forgot
about the lizard

anticipating reminiscing

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i am a young man

anxious to be an old man

wishing to be a young man

so i can love you now

as i will then

Those many years ago.

Posted in Affairs of the Heart, Poetry, Posted by Matt on 9 August 2008 - Saturday by Matthew Bowerman

Those many years ago
by: Matthew Bowerman

You casually not care
to the innocence you took
as it solidified my love
and made the pain greater to bear
to a hardened heart, it seems not fair
I cried in bed every night, trembling with loss
hoping to wash it away, it seems tears aren’t enough
I remember the stars still, little lanterns in the sky
reminds me of the euphoria of uncontested love
It remains lost to the midnight sky
I remember when the days were brighter
When the sky was bluer
everything seemed more clear
When that was lost, I threw myself away
everything blurred in a foggy haze
I dragged myself down faster and faster
mourning as i went
casting my hollow heart into stone
until the Love of Christ pulled me up and away
freeing my heart from the cold, hard stone i built
His Love is the reason i still exist
His sacrifice set me free
When i depend on Him, my soul is at ease
Now He is with me, now I see
His Love is the top priority to me

a monster within me

Posted in Affairs of the Heart, Posted by Matt on 26 May 2008 - Monday by Matthew Bowerman

the silence in my mind
creeping up in the darkness that abides
in which no way will be kind
living away in such perfect form
hoping they don’t find you
and drag you out from your walls
in this political war
you move like a spider
ensnaring everone
with your manipulation and reason
attempting to control
and yet ends up being controlled
for that is the nature of the illusion of control

Matthew the paradox

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in a way that conflicts me

the paradox of walking both forward and backward

is how i seem to be

knowing but really not knowing

a paradox i seem to be

i exist but i really don’t seem to

order for the sake of chaos

chaos for the sake of order

is the paradox of me