Every day, hundreds of keyboards die of AIDS (AOL Instant Discussion Software). The unfortunate truth is, we have yet to discover a cure for AIDS, and it is doubtful we ever will. But that doesn’t make us helpless. By better using the time we have with our keyboards, we can make their waning days a time to remember.

So I appeal to you. Please, don’t allow even one more keyboard to short out without purpose; Spend some quality time with the friend who has always been there for you by typing up a letter for all of us wakingpain authors to read. We want to know how you’ve made a difference in the life of a keyboard.

It only takes a moment, but it could mean the world.

– Adam, George, Greg, Jon, Mark, Matt


9 Responses to “messages”

  1. ok… Now I know how to move the music player… but how do I even get the music player? I have e-mailed my space several times asking how I can play my own music up there, but so far, nobody has written back. How do musicians get there own stuff up there?

  2. I’ve never uploaded my own music, but it should be as easy as starting a band profile and uploading from your computer the music files you want. It may require you to have them in a certain format, like mp3 or wav…

  3. Hey Greg.. Matthew.. George and Adam….

    I almost feel a little ashamed that I too visited your page because I saw the words myspace…

    But I have a question that maybe you can help me with… I want to bundle up all of my myspace blogs and post them all here at wordpress, because I agree, it is much prettier (although the music player would be a lovely addition to my wordpress pages).

    So if I had originally began my blogging life at livejournal, I could import them, but since I began at myspace, I have to copy and paste them all? It doesn’t seem fair. Do you have any hints at making that easier and quicker for me?

    Or is bothering the WordPress staff and Tom my only option other than C & P?

    Let me know!


  4. I’ll be honest, Alicia; I don’t think that bothering Tom and WordPress will help at all. They say you never know, but I suspect I do regardless of what they say.

    As for moving it all over, C and P doesn’t seem like all that difficult a task. Transcribing the Bible, yes. Copying your blogs, no. I just left all my writings on myspace when I abandoned it, didn’t even try to move them. Still, if you want them here, I would just copy and paste them over. Seems easiest…

  5. I just wanted to drop by and say hello to you guys without taking up comment space on any of the entries. Possibly I will be back during Thanksgiving break, so if y’all are meeting, I’m totally there. 🙂 Hope you guys are doing well.

  6. Hey, Brittany. Been a while, yes? I hope to see everybody while they’re back during thanksgiving (I can’t wait to have some free time again. It’s been so long…), but we’ll just see how all that pans out. I hope things are going well over there for you, but I suspect that you’re too busy to notice one way or the other…

  7. Letting you guys know that I will be home Friday the 15th for a WHOLE MONTH! 😉

  8. Celebrate good times, come on!

  9. BTW, there’s no way to know who wrote a post. As of right now (9:38 EST 2/20/07), it doesn’t list the author.

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