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Guest Appearing on the Colbert Report

Posted in Everyday Life, Ideas, Music, Poetry, Society, Things on 22 May 2009 - Friday by g mcclure

“Do you know the enemy?,”

Green Day asked from my TV

in just the same meter I used

for those first two lines

and the same meter used

in a thousand lines

of a thousand punk songs

since punk music decided,

“Silence is the enemy!”

(Green Day screamed from my TV)


Emery is coming to Dallas. Wanna go?

Posted in Friends, Music, Posted by g mcclure on 12 June 2007 - Tuesday by g mcclure

All right, all you Emery friends of mine (and I know you’re out there, Jon, Katy, Brittany, Christen, Jonathan, ect.). Emery will be at The Door in Dallas on the tenth of July, a Tuesday night. I would very much like to be there, and you would, too. Say otherwise and you’re a liar and the truth is not in you.

For you people on Facebook, like Jonathan, this goes out to you as well. If you want to get together and order some tickets, let me know either here, on facebook, or at

A little closer, which likely means I won’t be able to make this one, will be He Is Legend and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster: Saturday, June twenty-third at the Door in Dallas.

Now I’ve got to go email a few friends who are too cool to read this blog or have a Facebook.  They barely even merit my time…

Neon Horse

Posted in Music, Posted by g mcclure on 16 March 2007 - Friday by g mcclure

Neon Horse

I just found this band as I was looking around on PureVolume. I was genuinely freaked out before I read the bio, but then hooked afterwards. So long as you can be open minded and are willing to try new and … different … things, you should at least halfway possibly maybe perhaps slightly appreciate Neon Horse. Experimental is an understatement, my friends.

What’s this!? A Challenge!? In Song!? I Accept.

Posted in Faith, Music, Posted by g mcclure, Religion, Society on 14 March 2007 - Wednesday by g mcclure

I just heard the song Say Your Prayers by The Wedding. And I like it. I like it a lot. You should like it, too. Here are the lyrics:

Look at you now just standing there like you think your something.
The lights are up and the crowd is looking your way,
just waiting for what you have to say.
So go ahead, bud, give a little taste of hypocrisy,
maybe a hint of blasphemy;
whatever you’re preaching, it isn’t Me.

You wanna walk with me, do ya’?
You wanna walk with me?
Well, if you love me then just love me.
Don’t you give me pretty words.
Lay your life down at the altar.
Let me see how serious you are.

These people don’t look to me no more.
They’ve got their idols and various poems.
With lust in their eyes, they crave for more.
Take the place with the corporate carnivores.
Keep your focus ’cause the day will come
when everyone will give account for what they’ve done.
Make me proud.
Make me proud, my son.

You wanna walk with me, do ya’?
You wanna walk with me?
Well, if you love me then just love me.
Don’t you give me pretty words.
Lay your life down at the altar.
Let me see how serious you are.

Look at this broken world.
Look at my children go.
Look at this broken world.
Look at my children go.

‘Cause they’re already gone.
Sing to me the life song.

Look up.
Say your prayers on the steps of the capitol.
Look up.
Say your prayers on your knees.
Look up. Say your prayers.
Look up. Say your prayers.
You want it to be like you always thought it would;
all you seem to accomplish is the opposite.

You wanna walk with me, do ya’?
You wanna walk with me?
Well if you love then just love me.
Don’t you give me pretty words.
Lay your life down at the altar.
Let me see how serious you are.

I’m getting published! And double bass pedals…

Posted in Literature, Music, People, Personal, Posted by g mcclure on 10 February 2007 - Saturday by g mcclure

Sweet. I got a letter in the mail this morning from Forces, the liberal arts publication of the College. Inside was included a letter informing me that they would be featuring two of my poems in their upcoming edition, namely The Chess Game of Gods and To Be Forgotten. And again I say, sweet.

Now for more awesome news: I and three guys from my church have started meeting on Saturdays to play some music. Colby and Tim on guitar, George doing vox and bass guitar, and featuring yours truly (that means me, FYI) hammering away on the drums. Which brings me to my next point: don’t do drugs. Wait. No. I meant to say that I have now replaced all the toms’ heads with Remo Ebony Pinstripes, the bass drum with an Aquarian Superkick II and some Evans impact patches, recieved some 7A Vic Firths for Christmas, and, most recently, picked up $200 worth of Tama Iron Cobra Jr. double bass pedals. Now I’m wondering if Carol would be capable of custom crafting me a new drum set…? Oh, well, that’s for the future, the distant future.

Now for a recent-life-events summary. I deleted my myspace accounts, the internet went down, I adore Racquetball, I made human sacrifices in honor of my incredible English professor, I stopped chasing Martha, I adore Racquetball, I got double bass pedals, my poems are being published, the net is working again, and I’m posting a blog. That, my friends, was brevity.

Finally, The Finality of Finals Week

Posted in College, I'm a hippie, Music, People, Personal, Places on 14 December 2006 - Thursday by g mcclure

All done here. Four up, and four down. I think I did well on each one, but I know that I aced History and English. I suspect I aced Humanities, and Math will be either a high B (86-89) or a low A (90-94); I think it will be the latter. I’ll get my English Final up here in a while, and I’ll post the actual number grades when they come in.

After my English final was over, which was the last of them, I took a leisurely walk over to Starbucks and orderedd the largest Blackberry Green Tea Frapaccino I could. I then took forever to drink it as I lazed happily in an overstuffed chair. I think I’ll do it again this weekend with Adam and Mark (who I’m trying to get as an author for the blog) and possibly Katy, Brittany, Glenn, Shalon, and whoever wants to come.

As I sat in Starbucks, there was a large group of teenagers in front of me. They were together brainstorming for some kind of skit or play, but their attention frequently shifted to anime; so I listened. They seemed pretty well-versed, but I felt the need to make a suggestion before I left, so as I passed by I told them that Blue Submarine #6 was the best anime ever made, seeing how it is the intellectual man’s anime, exploring issues such as racial prejudice, nuclear threat, world war, artificial life, the nature of man – and all in an ungodly amount of frames with wonderful voice acting and wondrous artistic style. They looked to me with newfound respect and their “leader” wanted me to tell him the name again so he could look it up. Score on for the beanie-headed whiteboy! (me)

And in other news – I know, I know, you can’t believe there’s more – my best friend will be back tomorrow and will stay with us for the weekend until he flies out to Florida on Monday. And it only gets better…

Yesterday, I settled the insurance part of becoming a driver; it’s weird that at first you can’t drive as unlicensed, unpermitted, uncircum…wait a second, not that third one. But once you have your permit, you can drive (with however many people in the car, in any car) so long as there’s an adult age twenty-one or older who has held a valid Texas driver’s license for a minimun one year in the front seat. Once you’re a fully licensed driver, you can lose the adult, but now you need to wait six months before transporting more than one person outside of your family and you also have to go pay an obscene amount of money for insurance or you get nothing, and that insurance is only good for one car. The hell?! I thought the license was a step up? But, it’s all good now that I have insurance.

I can’t think of anything else going on right now except that I’m pretty hot about a situation that my buddy Matt has been unrightfully plunged into…again…

Oh yeah, one more thing: Got a new author on the blog, so give Mark Horner a friendly welcoome as soon as he gets settled in.


The Tide is Coming

Posted in Music on 14 December 2006 - Thursday by g mcclure

New band addiction: The Tide.

Piano driven rock. The comment that made me take a listen was “If Coldplay is the next U2, The Tide is the next Coldplay.”