g mcclure


I sat for ten minutes trying to come up with a better introduction than “Hi,” but after at least five extra seconds of well-contrived, blurry-eyed reflection, I decided that “Hi” was more than sufficient.

My name is Unimportant, as are the details. I like music, I love people, and I live Jesus Christ.  Nutshell.

I write. I don’t write well; I don’t write beautifully. I likely won’t inspire you and surely won’t impress you, but I am honest. I hope that still counts for something.


34 Responses to “g mcclure”

  1. Hi. I’ve read your blog a bit recently, seeing as you’ve made a couple of comments on mine. I really like what you’re doing with the thing. I like the poetry and posts. Nice stuff. Just thought I’d drop a line. -S

  2. Matthew Bowerman Says:

    love the fronliner’s picture…..it rules…..

  3. I wished again, last night
    That I were young and happy and carefree,
    With all the world spread out in front of me
    And all I had to do was participate.
    Be young, then, my lads
    Fear not the ages to come
    But take joy instead in the journey.

    * * *
    For you, my friend. MBH

  4. My goodness, the hair just keeps getting shorter and shorter, doesn’t it? 😉

  5. Yeah, I’m kinda diggin the whole “ceaser-cut” thing right now. Not sure about what to do with the beard though…

  6. Well, in my personal opinion I think you look better with longer hair and the beard. Plus (please correct me if I’m wrong/ rebuke me if I’m out of line) you look much more gaunt than before. Perhaps that explains your markedly different appearance.

    (For the record, I, too, am currently sporting a beard (sans sideburns), but now it’s for a part I’m playing and I’m sure it won’t last terribly much longer! 😉

  7. No, I like the beard and long hair better as well. I miss the long hair terribly, but short is easier to manage – a trait priceless in the fast-paced collegiate world.

    All the same, it’s growing again.

  8. Ah, now you look like yourself again…Excellent.

  9. That’s not even how I look, it’s just closer than the last one…

  10. Yah, I think I wanna go back to wordpress….

  11. WordPress kicks, and I’ll do the same to anyone who says otherwise.

  12. Oooo…a new look and a new bio. Good times. Merry Christmas, indeed! 😉

  13. Greg!!!!!! WordPress is really cool!!!!!!!

  14. Hey Greg, Happy New Year.

    So here’s the deal: due to your getting your own domain name, wakingpain no longer recongizes me as a writer; meaning, to submit this comment I have to fill in my name, email, and URL. Plus there’s no navigation bar thingy at the top of the page. Sorta annoying; don’t know if you can fix this or not. Just thought I’d let you know.

    Anyway, prospero ano.

  15. But see, it doesn’t recognize me as an admin…hence no picture

  16. and no nav bar at the top. it’s like it gave up on me or something. 😦

  17. Are you able to post blogs?

  18. only if i go to my blog and then to the wakingpain dashboard. when i go to your blog directly i don’t get a nav bar at the top.

  19. Well I don’t think I have control over the nav bar, but so long as you can still post, I think we’re good.

  20. I s’pose. Thanks.

  21. Greg,

    Loving the new look, but I think it beneath you to use an expletive in such a prominent location as “Apply Within.” Not that I don’t dig your new haircut, or your eyebrow-shaving ‘incident,’ but just a thought…


  23. Happy 18th Birthday! 😀

    I’m generally not very good with remembering dates, but your birthday is very easy since it’s also mine.

    Enjoy your cake.


  24. Doesn’t that keep things simple?

  25. baby boy I am telling you, you write very well.
    this is to Greg by the way.
    I had no idea you were 18, thus the “baby boy” comment. I’m telling you, I’m addicted to this site, I really am. But I have to watch my comments around those barely legal 🙂 I find myself saying, “Oh-me-gawd talk that stuff boy, go ahead” as I read some of your poems about relationships and such. Very nice, very nice.


  26. Greg: Here’s a new byline for wakingpain:

    “Nothing is permanent in this (wicked) world — not even our troubles.”
    –Charlie Chaplin

    (You could of course leave “wicked” out.)

    What do you think?

  27. P.S. I only feel it right to point out here (in re. Aussie’s comment) that I in part inspired you to write…and perhaps in some way your writing itself… 😉

  28. OoOoOoOo…I like that a lot. It shall be the next byline. The current one is from a Japanese novelist named Yukio Mishima, whose works I am in the process of reading. How magnificient he is.

    And yes, Mark, you have inspired my writing and sundry writings.

    :::raises glass to toast:::

    Credit where credit is due.

  29. Mea culpa, I sounded rather pettily immature in that last comment.

    But thanks for the toast; I’ll gladly raise my glass to yours any time.

    Glad you like the C. Chaplin quote! 🙂

  30. Say, who’s that dashingly smart gentleman in the red tie? Tut tut!

  31. What!? Dashingly smart gentleman! Where!?

  32. yeah i would like to meet this person…..

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