Those many years ago.

Those many years ago
by: Matthew Bowerman

You casually not care
to the innocence you took
as it solidified my love
and made the pain greater to bear
to a hardened heart, it seems not fair
I cried in bed every night, trembling with loss
hoping to wash it away, it seems tears aren’t enough
I remember the stars still, little lanterns in the sky
reminds me of the euphoria of uncontested love
It remains lost to the midnight sky
I remember when the days were brighter
When the sky was bluer
everything seemed more clear
When that was lost, I threw myself away
everything blurred in a foggy haze
I dragged myself down faster and faster
mourning as i went
casting my hollow heart into stone
until the Love of Christ pulled me up and away
freeing my heart from the cold, hard stone i built
His Love is the reason i still exist
His sacrifice set me free
When i depend on Him, my soul is at ease
Now He is with me, now I see
His Love is the top priority to me


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