a tear to the sky

Do you ask for a meaningful existence?

the question thats in the blue sky

never without answer

i wish i knew

a peaceful way

to forget, to live

to escape my monotony

while it blurs all together

a minute, to a day, to a year

Some are trapped forevermore in the nightmare

crying in the prison that be

I hear a voice in the distant

Don’t you know?

Love is the only true escape

At the cross, on my knees, shaking on the inside

i smile through my tears, as I scream out to the world

What a great merciful love God has for me


One Response to “a tear to the sky”

  1. Certainly a man cannot live meaningfully without a notion of what is meaningful existence, and surely such a notion can only come from God. You hit the nail on the head. For God is what makes life meaningful and “Love is the only true escape”.

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