Thoughts on heaven

Do I know?


Am I sure?



3 Responses to “Thoughts on heaven”

  1. doubtingthomas426 Says:

    Greetings, I am an Atheist and have a blog site dedicated to cataloging all my observations and questions regarding the bible and Christianity. Recently, a Christian who regularly comments on a number of my posts (whiteman0o0) left a response to one of my questions that disturbed me a great deal. As someone who was raised in the church and attended Private Christian School for the vast majority of my life, I was struck by how unusual whiteman0o0’s opinion seemed, at least to me, regarding this particular issue. The issue was about whether or not everyone is born a sinner. Whiteman0o0 had earlier stated that, yes, everyone IS born a sinner. I asked him to elaborate, arguing that I believed babies and children are innocent. I used an example of an infant that dies unexpectedly in his crib of SIDS and asked whiteman0o0 if he believed that this baby would go to hell seeing that we are all born sinners and the baby would never have had the opportunity to accept Jesus as his personal savior and ask for forgiveness for his ‘sins’. Whiteman0o0 responded, stating that indeed children and babies can go to hell and his reasoning was that God doesn’t judge them for their ACTUAL lives but for the lives they WOULD HAVE lived had they not died. In other words, God creates an alternate timeline where the baby/child didn’t die and sees if they would have become a Christian or not, what sins they would have committed, etc. and sends them to heaven or hell accordingly. This scenario left me truly horrified and I am desperate to learn how many other Christians agree with whiteman0o0’s opinion.

    This is the page where whiteman0o0 left his response:

    I am urging, pleading with anyone that is willing, to please visit this page, read the comments (you can ignore the original post), particularly mine (DoubtingThomas426) and whiteman0o0’s, and whether you agree with him or not, please leave a comment addressing this issue. I truly appreciate it.

    Thank you and I apologize for taking up space on this page with my plea.


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