A Man made whole through a broken life

Arrogant dreams of the foolish and young
Dreaming of power and dreaming of love
Now turned to nightmares by the things we’ve done
Evil nightmares tamed by your peaceful dove
You descend on me from the sky above
Flying so gently, my hate melts away
The sky’s raining mercy, lost in this flood
Panicking and drowning, we part our ways
Love once eternal, now lost to the waves
Flows away, leaving me beat and broken
Alone in my pain in these somber days
Screaming for love, my torn heart has spoken
But what I’ve lost will be left in that sea
Get out of that water, God please change me


5 Responses to “A Man made whole through a broken life”

  1. Thank you thats one me and greg wrote together, me writing one line and greg writing the other. It worked out quite well in my opinion

  2. We should do that again. In this, I wrote the odd number lines; Matt wrote the even numbered lines.

  3. Excellent. Well done.


  4. BizyLizy is a cool name and thx

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