I know I know, i haven’t posted in a while. patronize me….. or better yet mail me 1000 usd in pennies and 27 nickels, that seems like a reasonable punishment…

I’m irritated. I feel like everything is stagnating, everything is getting redundant, everything is getting monotonous. Even my last sentence was boring and redundant.

I wish my youth group at my church was more active, even a slow crawl would be much much better than it is now. assuming the youth group existed to begin with, which probably doesn’t, which probably the reason for some of my irritation.

I like change. only because it keeeps life fom getting boring.

Its kinda like fighting stagnation, every moment.

I guess monotony is something I abhord. If I spelled that right. If i didn’t, oh well, I just changed things up a little bit.


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