statue stood with silenced legs

statue stood with silenced legs
never held by her or his
(monolith monument obelisk)
known by almost and loved by nearly

everyone all (both here and there)
paid their dues to statue still
skyline stature merits awe
pure as stone and strong as same

masses (mad and merry) knelt
dressed their front and turned their back
(monument obelisk monolith)
they sighed her wonder they breathed her praise

one night nature ran his course
and statue burned as by he passed
to everyones no she held her first
joy through pain in natures sleep

hammer by handle (swing and swung)
forth and back and down and up
(obelisk monolith monument)
even stone falls stone by stone

natures course was sooner later
and statues silence broken dreamed
(as seasons turned in timely fashion)
known just once and loved once less


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