A few things worth noting.

No one falls in love, we fall in holes. Love is not a pit.

MySpace is the room with my bed in it.

“Like” is a verb, not an exclamation or interjection.

Jesus Christ is a person, not a cuss word. Imagine how silly you’d feel if you screamed “David Hasslehoff!” every time something bad happened.

No one is “really a good person deep down.”

“My faults are not your problem, and your problems are not my fault.”

Pull your pants up; you look stupid.

Homosexuals are no worse than the rest of us; just treated worse.

Using only one gender when speaking of an unspecified individual does not a sexist make.

“Speaking diplomatically” is a euphemism for “lying.”

Doing gymnastics with your voice does not make you a good singer, just a pop star.

You are entitled to your own opinion, unless it’s wrong; then you are only entitled to your own ignorance.

Stoves are “hot;” women are beautiful. Get it right.

All those times you said your parents were wrong, they were probably right.

I know that doing drugs doesn’t impair you; you’ve told me seven times within the last minute.

There is a God. You are not Him.


One Response to “A few things worth noting.”

  1. I very well might start yelling “David Hasselhoff!” every time something bad happens.

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