Arm Chair Enthusiast

I’m the arm chair enthusiast,

Didn’t you know

The poetic observer

I don’t really do most of the things I write about

Haven’t really been there

Because it’s so much easier to imagine

Far less obtrusive,

Less annoying

Less inspired? 

(I can live with that.)


4 Responses to “Arm Chair Enthusiast”

  1. I love the idea of this poem. Consider doing away completely with the second line. Please expand on this idea and poem. It is a great start.

    I have linked you from my blog, fellow poet.

    Keep Writing!

  2. what would be the point of deleting the second line? It would no longer be the poem it was

  3. Thanks, Matt. I agree…the second line is essential to the poem.

  4. I’m an internationally published poet. oh yeah. my accomplishment of the year!!!!

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