Honesty at Length

Won’t you smile
for a while?
I know it’s hard, but it’s worth a try.
Maybe then
we’ll give in,
or maybe we’ll continue to pretend.

Just stop playing games and cut to the chase
Drop your facade, and I’ll stop my charade.

When did we
cease to be?
What tore “us” into just “you” and “me?”
Who’s to blame?
We’re the same –
two lovers lost to lives we swore we’d change.

I know we’ve never been earnest.
For once in our lives, let’s be honest.


2 Responses to “Honesty at Length”

  1. I love it, it is really good!

  2. Matthew Bowerman Says:

    i like that one, seems like it has a deeper meaning, but heys for horses

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