Here’s your sign..

I love my job.

Sitting at the circulation desk in the Library today, some inconsiderate soul had the audacity to CALL the library. I picked up, but only because it is my job mind you.

“CPC Library.”

“Uh, hey, I was just wondering if you were open right now?”

At that moment, my head swam with ideas regarding this man’s intelligence, or lack thereof.

No, we’re not open. I’m here answering phones because it just fills my little heart with joy to do so, stupid.

“Yes, we’re open.”


3 Responses to “Here’s your sign..”

  1. But how could he have found out without calling? It was either ask or hang up. And at any rate, there might have been someone there to answer (closing up) or it might have been close to closing so someone could have warned him off coming.

  2. Two points of view for this.

    1) you are completely correct in inquiring about the caller’s intelligence, especially if it were, say, the middle of the day, when the library is usually open anyway.

    2) the caller may have been intelligent in calling to see if the library was open, especially if it were early, or perhaps later in the day, when there is a question if a library is open or not.

    so perhaps one course of thought, such as the one you took, may be correct, but you have to account for the time of day and the conditions and such.

  3. Well Brittany, that’s just it. He could have found out the same way most people do. He could have asked the seemingly innocent and certainly less direct question, “When do you close tonight?” (I get at least four such circumventions per shift on the desk)

    As for chronology, I now work 8:30 to 1:30 weekdays. This is why, despite having worked there just south of a year, I’ve only just mocked this kind of call. When I worked evenings, I railed not at all.

    I’m like an uncompassionate jerk, but with a sense of logic, albeit a false one 😉

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