The Dawn and the Glass

Drown the dreary dawn within the glass held overhead.
Quaff the quiet wine kept darkly cool between our hands.
Tonight we toast the trying times and times we wouldn’t try
to take the timid hope of innocence and love entwined.
Our hearts should hold no prisoners, be they here or long now past.
So drown the dreary dawn of day beneath a weary glass.

In honor of Mark, who first used the phrase ‘dreary dawn‘ and set the wheels in my head turning in the creation of this poem. There’s hope, even for ones such as us.


2 Responses to “The Dawn and the Glass”

  1. Ooo…don’t I feel special! Thanks for the homage, Greg. Hope reigneth strong, indeed!

    P.S. Sorry I’ve been completely incommunicado as of late; I’m jobless and computerless at present.

  2. Just re-read your poem (for real). Well said, sir.

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