I am Thomas

How long have You hidden Your face from me, my God!
Here, in my failing, my falling, where You are most needed,
You have left me to tarry in solidarity!
Cruel Being Who commands more than I am capable of,
You demand that I walk by faith, not sight,
yet know full well that my eyes control my mind.
Without them, I have no faith, nor conviction.
You know the wretch that I am, the frailty of my soul!
You, who can destroy body and soul, know better than any,
yet still You would expect so much of this creature?
Nothing short of some foul torture!
You may believe I can mature and attain,
but I share no such assurance.
Hope for me, if You must, but for my part,
it is folly.


One Response to “I am Thomas”

  1. Matthew Bowerman Says:

    nice, very poetic

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