Sounding Brass, Clanging Cymbal

I’ve been so reminded in my life recently of what small and insignificant creatures we humans are. Not just humanity, but Christianity in general. Our faith has become our political arena, where we debate, philosophize, prognosticate, argue, divide, deter, devour, enslave, pervert…where we dwell ever so contently. It’s a downward spiral into our own sad little worlds where we wait, just dying to take offense to something, anything. We’ve explained every margin of the Bible to our satisfaction, studied history and debunked heretical claims, made predictions and seen them come true. Big freakin’ whoop. We hide in our little shelters away from the world and look down our long, opinionated noses at the “heathens” and “pagans” of this world that we won’t even condescend to profess our mutual inhabitance of. Oh how high and mighty we are. Oh how dead, loveless, and useless we have become – wolf and shadow.

I don’t think this is what God intended.


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