Dear, sweet phantom in my mind,
and heart,
so nearly held together,
so intimately far.
Kind shade of the dusk residing within,
and without,
how I can feel you from here is unknowable,
but I do, my ghost,
I feel you beside me,
and inside,
staring at me with those formless eyes,
deep and colorlessly deeper.
Spectral muse of my soul,
you who have held me still,
and hold me, still.
I would hold you now,
and then,
until you recede into my chest,
where you can stay,
if you indeed can stay,
and I pray you can
and will.


3 Responses to “Bemused”

  1. tbere is a kind of stillness, a patience in this poem. A little stop in time.


  2. Very nice… I wish I could do that.

  3. I think the stillness at times turns into a kind of restlessness…longing…This poem moves like a hymn… It’s hopeful…. I really like it.


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