A Pantheon Abandoned

Overbearing is this burden.
Olympian though he may be,
Zeus couldn’t lift it;
Atlas shudders the attempt.
Too strong for Herculean might,
and Achilles knows well not to fight.
Even Aphrodite would not approach,
but instead would brave the Gorgon’s eyes,
would rather charm a Basilisk
and make pacts with the Fates,
who themselves make no pacts with me.
Alas, even Hades bid me leave
and sought comfort from his Hydra,
as I wept bitterly for such a friend –
demoniac, yes, but companion no less.
See now, my lines are cut and short
and my life knows less joy than Oedipus.
So what madness holds Thee, Diety,
that, when such as these turn, You stand
and make such bold claims as, “I am that I am?”


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