100,000 pieces of sanity, and a toast to toasted toast.

Wow. A drop in the bucket to a lot of sites, but 100,000 hits is more than I ever imagined this poor excuse for a blog would manage to garner. Just think, one hundred thousand people have felt the need to drop in. I’ve been hit less in a mosh pit, and that’s not really saying something, if you know what I’m saying (I pray you do not, for neither do I). What I’m trying to say is, “don’t do drugs, lest you end up looking up the needle-sized end of a needle as some uppity mugger endlessly holds you up at needlepoint.” That’s the kind of scary stuff that will scare you so much that scared and scary people point and say, “Now that’s a scared person.” And as we all know what we all pretend to know that we know all but don’t really know at all, scary people don’t know how to know what to write for a blog at all, you know?


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