Study in Sound

Dreary dawn desperate days

Detached, deflated, depressed of time and place,

When no meter or measure matters much

To the melancholy and monotony of space

Singled out and silenced full of succor and swell

But incapable, impossible, to pry forth or pronounce

Or plead or please.

Damn the dreary dawn

Unavoidable, unmistakeable, inexpressible

For its contempt and comingling conspirators

That blithely blanket the bulwark of conformity.

Dreary dawn them that dank no man but deliver none.


5 Responses to “Study in Sound”

  1. Keep exploring this. I like where it’s going…

  2. Thanks, man.

    I actually wrote this quite a while ago…as I remember it, I was inspired by a single place memory and wrote this in a matter of a few short minutes.

    Thanks for the inspiration for more exploration.

    🙂 MBH

  3. Hey there, thank you for sharing your post. I really like the idea of this, if I were to give you one piece of contructive advice it would be to watch the over use of poetic tools (alliteration). I run a poetry workshop that I just opened. You should consider running your work through workshops. It is not just a workshop though, there are two forums for critique, and two bloggers for finished work to be posted. Stop by and check us out!


  4. Thank you for your comment.

    Actually, this was a deliberate study in alliteration (as suggested by its title).

    For a wider sample of my work, please visit


  5. […] the dreary dawn of day beneath a weary glass. In honor of Mark, who first used the phrase ‘dreary dawn‘ and set the wheels in my head turning in the creation of the poem. There’s hope, even […]

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