Oh, stupid night! The stars are dimly dying!

Time for my stupid deed of the day. Here’s how the story goes: When I got home tonight, I decided to trim up my eyebrows, because both sides of the family have Groucho Marx wetting his pants. This is nothing new to me, everyone in my family has to trim their eyebrows. But on this…auspicious?…occasion, for the first time, I slipped while using the trimmer, and, in other news, my left eyebrow is half an inch shorter than it was. So I walk over to my mom and make the (under)statement, “I have a problem.” She quickly agrees. It is good that my mom is more capable than I, for she swiftly shaped the left eyebrow into a more natural looking state and replicated that form on the right. Still, I feel like an idiot. Cut myself shaving? Sure. Stub my toe? Why not? Absently skip over the expiration date. Nothing new. Accidentally chop into own eyebrow…



One Response to “Oh, stupid night! The stars are dimly dying!”

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