I tire.

Continually I see debates started over “how the world began” or “where it is going.” These debates turn to arguments that spawn divisions. With concern to these questions over the distant past and/or future, I ask this: were we there watching? Do we know anyone who was there watching and wrote a first-hand account which has survived on it’s original medium and can be dated accurately? Hell, do we even have a dating method that is accurate beyond reasonable doubt? Are we fully aware of all variables that came or will come into effect? On all counts, the answer is no. I suggest, then, that we do the only wise thing and accept our own ignorance, sticking to the things we know through personal experience and trustworthy primary sources, lest we further implicate ourselves as the persons in question when the Bible says that ‘professing themselves to be wise, they become as fools.’



3 Responses to “I tire.”

  1. Where’d my bio go? 😦

  2. Never mind, I found it. Very sassy!

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