I’ve been gone, I know. You don’t need to tell me; I’m well aware. Partly this was due to internet problems at the house, but ’tis a small part. I could have easily logged in from the school. Boredom knows I had the time. The truth, I fear, is a little dimmer. A tad less innocent. Fact is, I’ve only half-existed the last few weeks. Can’t tell you why precisely, but I’ve felt a tad more lonely than usual and a smidge less present-and-accounted-for emotionally. On the good side, I’ve been reading books at a rate to rival the speed at which the President’s approval rating has been dropping. Took down the last one (only about a three hundred page novel) in three days. For that matter, I’ve run out of books; gonna have to head over to Half-Price Books again.

 Anyway. I’ve decided that even if I’m only half-way here/alive, I might as well devote a piece of that half to my blog when time and desire so deem.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, no, I’m still not dead. Don’t look so disappointed.


2 Responses to “Sabbatical”

  1. Welcome back to the land of WordPress.

    That’s quite a speed to be reading at, and it’s a good use of time. Enjoy your books.


  2. Hey Greg,

    Sorry to hear of your recent sabbactical. I’ve certainly felt that way before, and you’re in my prayers.

    Shoot me an email or something and we can chat.

    Take care,

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