Title? I Had One of Those Once…

If I say I’m sorry does anybody hear

Or is remorse not a fashionable trend this year

I’m afraid I’ve been out of touch with the times

Is honesty still revered or declined

Oh I’m sorry I’ve made a mess of this whole affair

But didn’t somebody say to be human is to err

Oh it goes something like or close anyway

Perhaps different words but what’s in a name

The meanings are similar I think was my gist

Or was it something about the way we exist

Oh I must be aging or some such decay

To think I can’t remember what I was trying to say

I wonder am I confused insane neither

No I must be since I can’t remember that either

Wait what was I talking about back at the first

Damnit what was I saying in that verse

I think I must have been inspired at the start

But the head grows too slow to keep pace with the heart

Just wait here a second I’ll scroll back up

Remorse it seems was the theme at the top

Or maybe forgivenesss or something of the sort

Oh my grammer is horrid and some lines are too short

I think my train of thought must have jumped the tracks

Looks to have started oddly twenty lines back

Less if you exclude those dots in the middle

Which really aren’t lines so much as jots and tittles

Oh this is all beside the point which I’ve abandonned anyway

So I suggest I stop before I find more to say

Good night


5 Responses to “Title? I Had One of Those Once…”

  1. Rhyming couplets = Yuck. Modernize! Also, you spelled ‘abandoned’ wrong, and there is no punctuation in the entire poem. Please learn to punctuate. Also, lines can never be too short! Good poetry does not have to be in iambic pentameter (or anything approximating it). It sounds stilted and like you put in extra words to make it fit, which is also yucky.

    Sorry if that was harsh. Scratch that; I’m not really sorry. I do revere honesty.

    I hope you’re enjoying the Shinnery poetry I gave you. Matt seemed to like it a great deal. If you do like it, I’ll find some other editions and get them to you.

  2. Dear friend, this poem is far too silly and sarcastic to be taken so seriously, so I must insist on your levity, lest I feel the need to bombard you with acorns.

  3. Brittany is smoking crack. Carry on (and fix my admin problem! (see your page for the info).


  4. Crack? Never! I prefer the Mary Jane, myself.

    Treat satire with respect. 🙂

  5. Nothing but respect, dear one.

    Mary Jane rocks.

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