Recounting a Discourse

So it goes like this: I’m talking to a friend, or perhaps it was a stranger, and we arrive at the weary and overdiscussed subject of conformity or some such nonsense. She tells me that nowadays everyone is all about non-conformity, and, insomuch, they all become the same, seeing as how they are all about the same thing. I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment, though with a few reservations about which I remain silent so as to avoid conflict, and out of bloomin’ nowhere I say, “Well I just figure that I owe it to everyone else on the planet not to be them, so I guess I’m stuck being me.” He and I get a goodly laugh out of that, but pretty soon she gets to looking thoughtful, or prehaps he was just staring, but I like to indulge my vanity and say that she was thinking because of something I said. But back on subject, he looks up at me and says, “I never thought of it that way; as if I was doing someone wrong by trying to be more like them.” To which I reply, “I wouldn’t say that you’ve done them wrong, just that you haven’t done them right.” Now here’s the rub: she blows my mind with his next statement: “Is there a difference?”


2 Responses to “Recounting a Discourse”

  1. I’m sorry I don’t come around here that often…I need to. Forgive me. I shall try more to now.

  2. No, forgiveness comes only after a long involved cermonial cleansing and circumcision. Have fun, you eunuch!

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