Christmas Present from my Sisters

Lookie, lookie…I’ve got a domain. Welcome to, not This was my Christmas present from my two little sisters, and oh how I love them!

Christmas was great; had the whole family around, excepting my brother Jon and his fiancee. Still, it was great to have a chance to see my church family right before Christmas and then be surrounded by my blood family for the duration. I was given a lump of coal, which is exactly what I asked for! It’s actually molten glass, but don’t tell my mom; she was so excited to have found coal for my stocking. I gave a lot of presents and recieved some of my own, but that all seems superfluous when the family is together. I’m estatic to have my own domain and also to have gotten new drum gear (Remo Ebony Pinstripes for my floor toms and a few sets of 7A sticks [jazz sized, baby!]).

This was my first year to have a generous amount of money to spend on Christmas, and it was nice. Whenever I saw something that I thought someone would like, I just bought it. Most of the time I didn’t even look at the price. I don’t know exacts, but I think I spent around $350 this year. I loved every minute, and I’ll be saving up cash for Christmas each year so I can do it again and again, hopefully getting bigger each time. The most awesome part of the gift-giving this year was giving my mom new faucets for both bathrooms. For the first time since I can remember, my mom got what she wanted and not what the house needed, or what would suffice as a gift so that we could strike Mom off the list. She pulled the wrapping off and lit up to such a degree that the Christmas tree seemed pale. She looked at me and almost cried. That’s one of those memories that I’ll take with me through life.

I hope everybody had as great a time as I did. Merry Christmas to all and…ah hell, you know how it goes…


3 Responses to “Christmas Present from my Sisters”

  1. Wow. What a wonderful gift from your sisters—and how privileged I am to be a contributor here.

    Don’t get a big head or anything, but any one who makes his mother (almost) cry from his generosity of heart and beauty of character is a wonderful person in my book. Thanks for making my Christmastide a little brighter by knowing of it.

    Merry Christ’s Mass, dear friend.

    Grace and Peace in our Lord,

  2. Hey there! Really glad to see that it’s wakingpain(DOT)COM! 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful New Year celebration!

  3. A domain is a great gift. Have fun with it. 🙂

    It is great being able to get your mom something she wanted, and not just something the house was in need of. My brother and I were talking about that the other day, and how it was nice to get her something other than something for the kitchen.

    Good job getting your mom something she wanted. It sounds like you did good if she came close to tears.


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