My Inaugural Essay (Twenty-Eight)

I am twenty-eight years old.  I am twenty-eight, single, I have no prospects, and I’m not getting any younger.  Thirty is closing in faster than the Democrats on election night, and I have begun to be slightly concerned that I may not ever get married, at least, not in the general timeframe I always imagined nor witnessed in other peoples’ lives.  It does, admittedly, irk me that a friend of mine got married when he was 18.  That’s right, 18.  He was a husband and a father before he could drink.  But I digress.  With every new gray hair I find on my head, with every bit of news that so-and-so are getting married, or you-know-who had a baby, my singleness stares me colder in the face, as if to say, “ha ha!  We’re together again!”  So I’ve decided if I’m not married by forty, that’s it.  I’ll give up and become a confirmed bachelor.  At the very least I’ll have everyone’s pity.  That and a nice car.  And a quiet house.  And plenty of freedom.   Hmm…

* * *

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to say “yo” and how thrilled I am to be writing for wakingpain.  As always, I welcome your feedback.  Keep the faith, MBH


3 Responses to “My Inaugural Essay (Twenty-Eight)”

  1. and don’t forget that bachelors inevitably get better looking and age slower than married men. Less stress and all…

  2. so i’ve been told (and am banking on!)…

    What, still no page for me??? 😦

  3. He takes a hands off approach in “page” matters. It happens to be the primary reason I never used my privileges as a writer for the blog. My suggestion: make your own, cause he won’t do it for you. The little scamp.

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