Finally, The Finality of Finals Week

All done here. Four up, and four down. I think I did well on each one, but I know that I aced History and English. I suspect I aced Humanities, and Math will be either a high B (86-89) or a low A (90-94); I think it will be the latter. I’ll get my English Final up here in a while, and I’ll post the actual number grades when they come in.

After my English final was over, which was the last of them, I took a leisurely walk over to Starbucks and orderedd the largest Blackberry Green Tea Frapaccino I could. I then took forever to drink it as I lazed happily in an overstuffed chair. I think I’ll do it again this weekend with Adam and Mark (who I’m trying to get as an author for the blog) and possibly Katy, Brittany, Glenn, Shalon, and whoever wants to come.

As I sat in Starbucks, there was a large group of teenagers in front of me. They were together brainstorming for some kind of skit or play, but their attention frequently shifted to anime; so I listened. They seemed pretty well-versed, but I felt the need to make a suggestion before I left, so as I passed by I told them that Blue Submarine #6 was the best anime ever made, seeing how it is the intellectual man’s anime, exploring issues such as racial prejudice, nuclear threat, world war, artificial life, the nature of man – and all in an ungodly amount of frames with wonderful voice acting and wondrous artistic style. They looked to me with newfound respect and their “leader” wanted me to tell him the name again so he could look it up. Score on for the beanie-headed whiteboy! (me)

And in other news – I know, I know, you can’t believe there’s more – my best friend will be back tomorrow and will stay with us for the weekend until he flies out to Florida on Monday. And it only gets better…

Yesterday, I settled the insurance part of becoming a driver; it’s weird that at first you can’t drive as unlicensed, unpermitted, uncircum…wait a second, not that third one. But once you have your permit, you can drive (with however many people in the car, in any car) so long as there’s an adult age twenty-one or older who has held a valid Texas driver’s license for a minimun one year in the front seat. Once you’re a fully licensed driver, you can lose the adult, but now you need to wait six months before transporting more than one person outside of your family and you also have to go pay an obscene amount of money for insurance or you get nothing, and that insurance is only good for one car. The hell?! I thought the license was a step up? But, it’s all good now that I have insurance.

I can’t think of anything else going on right now except that I’m pretty hot about a situation that my buddy Matt has been unrightfully plunged into…again…

Oh yeah, one more thing: Got a new author on the blog, so give Mark Horner a friendly welcoome as soon as he gets settled in.



One Response to “Finally, The Finality of Finals Week”

  1. I wish I was the Mark who’ll be joining you for more frap at Staabucks (that’s not a typo; I purposely spell and pronounce it that way (a la some New Yorker who relies on it like life itself) this weekend.

    Congrats on being done with exams and getting the insurance settled away. Enjoy the privilege and joy of driving whilst it lasts…by the time you’ve been doing it 12 years, the thrill has long-since vanished.

    Anyway, thanks for the shout-out and welcome, Greg. Look forward to blogging with y’all (we say that in Carolina, thank you) soon.

    Peace out,

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