Shoulders Were Meant for Crying On

I may not walk on water
But I don’t say I can
I know I’m not perfect
But hey, I’m only human
If you’re looking for escape
I’m no kind of shelter
But if you ever need it
Come cry on my shoulder
You can bring your heartaches
You can bring your worst
I don’t mind for a moment
You won’t be the first
So I’m no superhero
No knight in shining armor
But everything I do have
Is mine to offer
And offer I shall
Do with that as you will
Let come what may
I’ll be here still


One Response to “Shoulders Were Meant for Crying On”

  1. *awww*,,, that’s so sweet,,,,, i like this poem,,, reminds me of someone,,,,, i forget,, but it’s such a heart-warming poem and open-hearted one too,,,,,, ur very good, mister…. very

    oh,, and hey, if u somehow have time, go ahead and stop by my blog on myspace…. i write poems too,,, maybe too emo-kinds, tho,,,, ****… but most are quite serious,,,, so enjoy!

    thanks for sharin ur poems, sweety


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