On the Continuing Decline of Humanity

Yes, decline. I spit in the face of natural selection as a process of gradual inclination and perfection. Look around. If we came from animals, we should be progressing into new, higher beings along that same path. That is, we should be growing more complex and gaining even greater command over what are called the ‘animal instincts.’ Believe it or not, I’m not going to talk about evolution, I just want to point out that we are on the fall. Civilization and humanity as a whole is dissolving like a rock thrashed about by the waves. Yes, we continually improve technology…so that we can better kill each other. We instruct ourselves in intelligence, becoming ever the more potent…so that we can better get back at Joe Soandso for running over our lawn gnome. Surely we are making advances in medicine…so that we can cure diseases that wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t acting like animals, humping everything that moves. Yes, but we’re creating governments and institutions that will better provide for all who need it achieve our own ends.

Oh yeah, I can see how we’re on the rise :::insert sarcasm here in voluminous degrees:::

This is what happens when we lose sight of purpose, we latch onto whatever’s closest and commit our entire existence to avoiding responsibility/getting back at Joe/seeing our own desires met/kill those that are different. We lose sight of purpose when we abandon what gives us purpose. We need electricty to run and there’s only one source. We fill up on batteries of a sort, but they all die and leave us without what we need. Get back to the source, that’s where the power comes from.

In short, the world’s going to hell in a handbasket because hell’s the only destination possible outside of Christ, and the world just refuses to go to Him.


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