No, I’m not dead.

I’ve heard the rumors, and I’m something less than giddy like a schoolgirl who’s just met Brad Pitt. For the record: I’m not dead, I have not been hospitalized, I haven’t joined the military, I don’t have a girlfriend consuming my time, I haven’t gone illiterate, I have in no way been abducted by aliens, and I have not transmogrified into a mythical creature and flown off to Neverland. Despite what the tabloids say – and don’t think I don’t know that they talk about me behind my back – I’m still here.

The truth of my situation is far worse I’m afraid. That unfortunate truth is this: I am a college student. Yes, I know; there’s no hope, – no hope at all. I’ve come to terms with this reality, and I’m okay with it. Death is nothing to fear. In the meantime, somwhere between collaborative projects and reading assignments, I have still been writing. I’ve even improved as a writer…I think. The difference is this: I just haven’t been putting my writings here. No, instead they have found their way into the hands of one, Martha Tolleson, my English Professor. My poetry, on the other proverbial hand, has been deposited on an account I opened on deviantart. As could be assumed, the url is, but that’s not important since I shall transcribe them all over to my first love and still foremost virtual treasure, WordPress (excepting crapromedia, of course). Also, I’ll be sticking my papers for english up here so you can see hopw things are progressing. I’ll even leave the date that I wrote it and what grade it got. And as a bonus, I’ll show some pictures I took over the last couple of days, a few of which are pretty spif-spamdincular, if you know what I mean (I suspect you do not). Could you ask for more without degrading yourself into an ungrateful, whimpering creature of less than questionable worth? I submit that you could not.

…and it’s only getting better,


2 Responses to “No, I’m not dead.”

  1. Ahaha. You have been turned to the dark side, my friend. College will suck the life out of you. That’s not a threat; it’s a guarantee. 😉 Have you joined facebook yet, my friend?

  2. No, and I don’t know if I will. Isn’t it just a myspace for the college set?

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