Free of Myself

I’m burning every vision of the past You tore me from,
And crucifying memories that keep me deaf and dumb
Your grace will be sufficient for the every part of me.
Your face will be the image held so dearly at the heart of me.
I’ve no time left for playing gayly with my childhood dreams,
And no need left for staring blankly every time my pride so deems
For the first time in my death-like life, I have the will to choose
With nothing left behind me there’s nothing here to lose.
I feel just like a puppet finally rescued from enslaving strings
You give to me eternity and all the privileges it brings.
Maybe ripples on this mortal plane will swell to waves in time.
Perhaps those waves will crash, impacting life outside of mine.
I’ve just never had this chance before, it’s overwhelming in a way.
For once I can know that what I do will last beyond today.
This time I know You hear me, and I’m not reaching out in vain.


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