Update on my friend, Sam

This was written by hearashofar a little bit ago, and I wanted to update you.

Sorry for not posting for awhile our lives have been some what hectic with this and other things taken into consideration. Diana and I got to visit Samantha in the icu yesterday she was very happy to see us and mouthed I love you. She has a trache tube below her vocal chords so she cannot speak. Her heart surgery is succcessful so far and there is is only a small weak spot on the aorta caused by a surgical clamp which they believe will heal. They are watching for a while to see and then they will move her to a room. When she moves to a room her visitation will be open to all who parents approve.She recognized us and mouthed I love you but seemed over the course of visit to become frustrated. She tried to mouth words to her mom and tried sign language which she knows as well to no avail. Mom and my wife held a pad of paper for her and she she wrote I am Samantha Norton and some other words we could not make out followed by a question mark.This was a miracle in it self for she has not even been able to attempt to write so far !!! She got frustrated because we all could not make out last words and her blood pressure spiked so we had to leave. We thought through it on the way home and decided she knew we were some one she loved and was close to but simply had trouble remebering our names and was trying to ask her mom to remind her what they were. The type brain injury she has is notorious for just erasing litle bits and pieces of info all scattered around the brain. The extent will be assesed in rehab and proper stimulation will be given to help her brain rebuild connections to those items. It is all still in there just the file path that it used to travel is gone. The brain will grow new accsess to these over time.She is going to make it through all the life threatening aspects mostly already has but she will have along road to get back to daily life. Please do not stop praying!!! The doctor rotation has come back around to the one who was on duty when she first came to the hospital and he told her parents that he knew for sure she would die but now he has to use a word he has never used and tell them their daughter is a miracle!!!!! Praise God he is reaching even the most stubborn who believe in nothing but their knowledge!!! My wife is making beaded bracelets with Samantha’s name on them for people in her family and those who want a reminder to pray. Some for guys some for girls. Pm me if you want one and we will try to get you one but be patient because my wife has her own health issues as well as our ministry involvements keep us very busy.

Lord, we come today praisng you for your awsome power that defies doctors reports and heals those who they say will never even live We thank and praise you for your salvation that you have given to us though we did not deserve anything but death Lord we give those lives to you use us Lord make us to do your will Lord we pray for Samantha and her continuing recovery, we pray for continued building of faith in her family as well as all of us who are praying. We pray for continuing miracles in that hsopital people are coming to you through these things Lord.We praise you for opportunity to see it Lord. Make us ever vigilant in prayer and deed, In Jesus wonderful name we pray, Amen

Please keep praying for her!


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