Some Other Authors

So I have some readers who only come here to see poetry. Some come to critique, others to praise, and still more just to have something to read. For you assorted poetry-enthusiasts, I want to direct you toward three other writers whom you might like.

First, a friend of mine, Mark Horner, whose verse is usually open, emotional, and pertinent and personal to his own life, writes a blog titled “A Bend in the Road.” He’s my favorite of these three authors. LINK

Second is a lady named Kristine whose poetry never fails to emote and evoke emotion. Her blog is called “Nine Point View” and can be found here: LINK

Third and finally, a poet I know only as The Walrus. I know nothing of the author and only ended up on the blo, The T-Shirt Corporation, through the random blog button. All the same, the poetry is wonderful and more than worthy of notice. Be sure to note the photography as well. LINK


One Response to “Some Other Authors”

  1. Hey man, thanks for the plug. Mmm kay, now that I’m a friend, it’s cool to link my blog by my first name in your “Friends” category. 🙂

    Keep blogging and growing the hair and beard.

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