For any philosopher who needs a good laugh

Here’s something I just finished reading. Let me apologize to anyone who reads this but knows nothing of philosophical discussion. For all you who do, enjoy.

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“The idea come to me after I heard a notion that the 3 major religions are not really that much different, that they only disagree on minor issues, so they all must be correct in a way. Right? WRONG!
Christianity, Islam and Judaism can agree on only one thing; that there is, in their opinion, some deity above us all that we must mindlessly obey like ****** sheep. But even their descriptions of that omnipotent being differ vastly, sometimes even within their own respective “scriptures”. What proof do they have of the existence of God? Well, the biggest ones are their holy books, of course (Old and new testaments of the Bible, Tanakh and Qur’an) that were supposedly inspired by the “Allmighty.” However, each one of these religions is quick to label the opposing relgions’ books as not being inspired by God at all, a heresy so to speak.
Judaism holds it that the new testament and Qur’an are not inpired by God, and only the Tanakh (old testament + some other books) is true. Christianity thinks that Qur’an was not inspired by God and that Jews are foolish for not believing in the new testament, while Christians don’t nesessarily deny the old testament, they give the new testament more priority. Muslims beleive that the whole Bible (old and new testament) and Tanakh are not inspired by God, Qur’an is the only truth for them.
Hey! They already pointed out that the opposing religions’ are false because their literature is not inspired by God. My job here is done, they’ve showed each other wrong. And I am not even going into detail about scientific reasons for their falsity! Its like a triangle; one disproves other 2 and other 2 in return disprove it. If any one of them would apply the same logic as they use on others to itself, it would implode.
Logical conclusion: they are all WRONG!!! Don’t take the Bible or Qur’an as proof of God, most good you can get out of it is a few values that are already accepted anyway, like don’t kill. Its ******** to believe that it teaches you morality. Stop believing in something that might or might not exist (in all probability, 2nd). Stop believing is what you’re spoon fed by your priests. Stop dumping all responsibilities and decisions on imaginary icons. Stop obsessing with death. Believe in yourself for once! And believe in humanity! Maybe then this planet will be more barable to live on for everybody.

Disagree? Fine.
Something you think I misunderstood? I’m open to criticism. Just so you know, **** like “You’re going to hell ye heathen!” is NOT criticism and will not be considered worthy of a response.”

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He throws out every semblance of good intellectual discussion and ignores common sense…



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