Embracing Her

I face your ocean eyes.
Who was the One Who made them so?
I feel the way they ebb and flow.
So deep, your ocean eyes.

I touch your trembling hand
Embraced into my very own.
I can’t believe how close we’ve grown.
So soft, your trembling hand.

I hold your slender form
Far too close to allow for air.
As if my grip echoed my care.
So near, your slender form.

I feel your selfless love
Intoxicating every breath.
Together now and unto death.
So real, your selfless love.

My words are not enough.
Your depth is far too great to know.
Who was the One Who made you so?
Frail words, just not enough.


9 Responses to “Embracing Her”

  1. Wow. Wow, Greg, wow.

  2. are you kidding? if i use the word “wow” to describe this it woud be in distaste only. sorry, but your poetry is sappy, cliche, and has no depth.

  3. i’m sorry Greg, but i’ve tried to read your poetry and give it a chance, but it feels as if it’s written in a way that mimicks actual poetry as if this is what you think poetry should look and read like. Poor kid, you need some direction and focus. these menial efforts should be cast aside in hopes you actually get a voice or some edge to your writing. this **** just irritates me and reads like a hallmark card.

  4. Again, thank you for commenting. It’s nice to know that my words are read. Unfortunately, my writing likely will not change unless I desire it to be so. See, I’m not writing for you, nor my friend Adam, nor my buddy Mark, nor some longed-after love interest. I’m writing simply for my own enjoyment and expression. All the same, I appreciate your input. Thanks.

  5. I’d be rather vexed to know what Mr Logan thinks of my poetry!

  6. (Excuse my experiments (comment 5) with html!)

  7. Unfortunately, WordPress disables html in the post comments, links don’t work very well. He can always just click on the word “Mark.”

  8. Actually, I was just trying to italicize the word “my,” not put a link in to my blog. But thanks. 🙂

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