Samantha Norton, a young lady in our Tues. night home study group was in a serious car crash Fri. 8/18/06 she is still in critical condition at Parkland Hospital in Dallas Texas. Please pray for God to be glorified in all that takes place, her recovery, strength for mom, dad and brother. Please keep watch here for update or at crapromedia.com

I thought you all might want an update on Sam’s condition, so here it is:


Sorry for lapse in posting me and wife both sick most of last week.
Sam opened her eyes and focused and recognised mom and dad and mouthed words to song her mom was singing to her when she revived from tracheotomy on Sat 09/09!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD PROFUSELY HERE!!!!!!!!!
Pnuemonia still delaying heart surgery. When clear they will proceed immediately. Still continue praying for this and recovery from brain injury. Long rehab to come but miracles are happening!! Many peoples lives being touched by the power of God in the I.C.U. Other people told their loved ones would never leave I.C.U. these have moved on to recovery, prayer taking place all over waiting room and in halls. People are being healed along with Sam!!!! Please continue in prayer.

I’ll try to do better about keeping you up to speed from here on out. Please keep praying for Sam and her family. She’s doing better, but she’s still got a long road ahead.


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