What I really want to be is a Paperback Writer!

I’m blogging more to kill the time than anything else. I have a job at the Learning Resource Center, Library, at the college and today is especially slow and boring. All days are, but this one worse than others. Everything has been done and redone, right down to dusting the shelves. I am now going to go insane with boredom.

Now here’s the killer: It’s Wednesday. Monday and Wednesday I have only one class, Math. I’m done with Math and don’t have anything to do for the next two hours while I am at work. Now if this were Tuesday or Thursday, on which I have History, English, and Humanities, then I would have the accompanying books for those classes. In-so-much, I could start homework instead of blogging. Then I might have some free time when I get home tonight to do as I please. Sadly, such is not the case, and I am stuck here in the library doing nothing and accomplishing just as much.


So I turn to you, faithful, avid reader (Yeah, right…). Hear my cries of dispair and save me from this terrible fate upon which I have ignominiously fallen. If you do, I will forever be in your debt…or something…

But really, despite my current boring, unfortunate circumstances, I have been enjoying myself thus far this semester. I am taking English 1301 (Comp. and Rhet.), History 1301 (Early U.S. Histoy), Humanities 1301 (Introduction to the Humanities), and Math 1414 (College Algebra W/ Review). It’s a total of only 13 credit hours, but that’s enough to technically make me an official “full-time” student. I’m working at the LRC on campus inbetween classes. It’s $6.87 an hour, 14 1/2 hours a week. Simple stuff, but it should pay the bills, though it may not do anything more than that. Might end up with a second job somewhere else on the weekends…

So that’s my life thus far in college, but without all the gory details. Honestly, you don’t care how I’m doing in my classes, what my professors are like, or any such nonsense. Bloody hell, you don’t even care about anything that you just read, if you have even been reading it.

Which begs the question: Why are you here?


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