Lost in the collegiate rush.

Such has been my position of late. I am truly, deeply sorry for the decrease in blogging, but it cannot be helped. College has started, and it continues. Time is precious and short. I won’t be posting as much as before; not even remotely close to as much. Monday through Thursday I am at the college from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and homework comes afterward. Behind my God, my family, my church, and my education, blogging lies all but neglected.


One Response to “Lost in the collegiate rush.”

  1. I remember deeply

    The thrush and rush of college,

    How fully and utterly it took me in,

    Washed around me and within.

    But somewhere along toward the end

    I rediscovered my voice and my pen.

    So then, you will too —

    Hold out your hopes to be renewed

    Lose not the words that enter your head,

    But put them away for that coming day instead.

    🙂 Hey bud, I’m with ya. Focus on college—the blogging, the inspiration, the divine voice God has given you will return in its time.

    Grace and Peace,

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