Let Me do this One Thing Right

If you give me just a moment, I’ll speak my peace and then I’m gone.

I won’t ask for anymore than that, I know I’ve done you wrong.

That’s just the reason that I’m here because that I’ve nothing else to say,

But I have to get it out before I finally go away.

You always helped me when I needed it, you pushed me through the pain.

That’s a favor I never did return, for that I’m sorry all the same.

But I know that it’s far too late for that, remorse would do no good,

So let me help you in the only way I know I ever could.

I’m giving back your freedom as I’m walking out the door.

I’m not leaving out of spite but because I love you now even more.

I only want what’s best for you, I know now what that is

You deserve someone that’s better and I know that I’m not it.


2 Responses to “Let Me do this One Thing Right”

  1. There’s something about this that hits me so hard. It fits with my current situation so well, and it brought me to tears before I could even finish it. I commend you on your words.

  2. hey, we all done our mistakes. as long we have the will, we can change for the better

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