A Word to the Amorous

In youthful aspirations,

In boyish naiveté,

In unrestrained emotion,

Amorous belief in fate;

It is in notions such as these

The young seek all repose.

Like water pouring up freely

Their hearts run wild, exposed.

Riding loosely on the sleeves

Of child-like cadavers,

Blissful ignorance can’t see

How love can be macabre.

Mistaken for a faultless path

Deprived of any pain,

Love has snared them in its grasp,

Relentless, wild, untame.

Many souls awake to find

Their path has turned awry.

And many more won’t wake at all,

Worse, won’t even try.

Though love can offer much and more

And blessings yet to show,

At times the road seems cracked, unmoored,

And far beyond control.

When fearing this may be the case

Embrace it as the truth

Love will not be confined, enslaved;

Not by me, nor you.


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