Musings upon a Parallel between Rainfall and the Christian Walk

I sat and watched the rain today

From the comfort of my living room

A downpour outside my backdoor

It wouldn’t last long I assumed

But still it came down hard and fast

And the hallow ground absorbed each drop

And though, indeed, it didn’t last

The ground was sustained for a while

For one more day, the ground perseveres

Longing for the next chance to feel the rain

It now has hope ’til the next shower comes


3 Responses to “Musings upon a Parallel between Rainfall and the Christian Walk”

  1. Thirsty roots, like a childs brain,
    soak up each drop
    again and again,
    rythmic sticks
    reaching upward,
    yes, time truly ticks.
    Seasons pass
    and I grow old
    watching the Sun
    turn fields gold.
    But soon the winter
    waltzes our way
    and children long
    to go out and play
    beneath the trees that
    have yet to turn green
    with the rain that
    you have just seen.

  2. …how am I supposed to respond to something like that…

  3. Holy crap, that’s awesome, Kristine (there’s your response, Greg :-).
    I’d like your permission to publish it on A Bend in the Road.


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