Music, or some such nonsense.

What?!? A post about music? Weird…

Yeah, so it’s been awhile since I wrote about music, despite it being one of my true loves in this life. That and it’s close cousin and even counterpart, poetry. I would call them two sides of the same coin, though there are some idiots who demand that they are in no way similar. Sure they are, if you ignore purpose, rhyme, meter, rhythm, origin, history, and common observational skills. Morons…

So I’m going to take a moment to share with you, the less-than-avid reader, some of my favorite bands, some of my favorite authors, and some dishonorable mentions as well.

Let’s start with a quick note on my three favorite poets because I am far more entrenched in music than poetry and I fear it shall take much longer to address that subject. I like Robert Frost for his unparalleled narative abilities, Edgar Allen Poe for his at times borderline-psychotic writing and way of drawing the reader uncomfortably close to the story, and Lewis Carroll for his unrivaled imagination and creative mind. I am most influenced by Robert Frost I think, which shall become evident later when I transcript some of my older poetry to this blog.

Now on to music, one of my favorite subjects. I shall reach for brevity on the subject. I’ll start with a list, everybody loves lists:

Staple / Blindside / Spur 58 / The Classic Crime / Project 86 / Mute Math / Divinefire / Blessed by a Broken Heart / The Devil Wears Prada / Maylene and the Sons of Disaster / Andy Zipf / Anberlin / Mae / The Myriad / mewithoutYou / Disciple / Emery / Red / The Showdown / The Elms / Further Seems Forever / House of Heroes

You should be able to hover the mouse over the band name to see what genre of music they subscribe to. The ones I would recommend to the poets out there are Staple, Blindside, The Myriad, Mae, mewithoutYou, Emery, and House of Heroes. For the musician I would recommend Mute Math, Mae, Blesed by a Broken Heart, and Divinefire. With regards to experimental sounds, I support Mute Math, mewithoutYou, and AndyZipf. For anyone and everyone, I point toward Emery, The Classic Crime, Mute Math, Anberlin, Mae, and The Elms.

My personal favorite is Staple, and I also love The Beatles. Know your roots and all….

If I could note just one more of my favorite poets / artists, it would be my father, whose propensity for the written word and note will stay with me to the grave.

Hey, if you are a fan of any of these bands or just got your first listen and liked what you heard, let me know.

Now for my dishonorable mentions. Metallica for being so highly overrated for so very long, Coldplay for using porn to inspire their latest album, X and Y, and pretty much all modern country music. As far as dishonorable poets go, without mentioning names, I will say that I have little to no respect for writers of free verse who have never shown themselves capable of also writing well-structured verse.

Bye, not-so-avid readers.


2 Responses to “Music, or some such nonsense.”

  1. Everyone loves list?
    I havent heard of ANY of thoes bands…

  2. Structured verse? Is that a challenge? Send me a topic, subject, one word. Hee-hee.

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