5,000 Possibly Constructive Moments Missed

Whoopie, or some such nonsense. The blog just hit 5000 views. That’s 5000 times someone has wasted their time, that’s more hits than Solomon had wives, that’s really nothing special. I just happen to have no idea on what to blog about at this moment.

Still, it’s cool to have more traffic through here. Though most of them just come to see how to move their myspace music player, many also stick around to read some other things – things of more importance, for no matter what they read, it would be more important. It means that your comments get seen by people and they might link over to your wordpress/personal blog/myspace/whatever. What I’m saying is, it’s good for you, good for me, good all around. It moves the masses from place to place, blog to blog, person to person. It increases the chances that the whole “six degrees of seperation” thing is right. It goes a long way toward ending world hunger, STD’s, and sexual immorality.

Well maybe not those last few, but it’s good anyway…


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