Covering the Myspace Ads

So I was wondering (myspace) if people would view my blogs more if I just (myspace) randomly insert the word “myspace” (myspace) into the content. So now (myspace) I’m going to write a blog to test (myspace) it.

I am sitting (myspace) in a chair.

I (myspace) am writing a blog.

I am addicted to (myspace) WordPress.

So who wants to take (myspace) bets on how many views this (myspace) post averages over the next seven (myspace) days? I’m going with a (myspace) hundred, give or (MYSPACE! MYSPACE I SAY, CRAPPIT!) take.

If you are reading this (myspace music player), you may be a hopeless myspace addict who (myspace videos) can’t bring himself to stop simply because you (myspace layouts) enjoy seeing the word “myspace”. If this is the (myspace ads) case, do the only humane (myspace) thing and throw yourself down a flight of (myspace sucks!)stairs. Now.

I’m done now. If you couldn’t tell, I have no love for myspace, nor any respect for most of its users. I’ve noticed (and from personal experience) that people become as consumed with myspace as they previously were with their own lives/friends/wife/children. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between. You couldn’t believe how respect is automatically gained from me when I’m talking to someone and amidst the conversation it is revealed that they, indeed, have no myspace account. “Good for you! You’re one up on 90,000,000 other people.”

And by the way, I do know how to cover the ads on myspace….


34 Responses to “Covering the Myspace Ads”

  1. Lol (myspace), it didn’t work with me, (myspace)I got here just through the wordpress site (myspace). Nice opinion 🙂

  2. Funny. Now go to (myspace) addiction and find (myspace) cartoon.
    My daughter is a multitasker..aka (myspace)octopus.

  3. so how do you(myspace) cover the (myspace) adds?

  4. Like I told the guy on my post about moving the myspace music player, I don’t give that one away because it is actually a violation of the myspace terms of service. If they see my abandoned profile and delete it, that’s fine, but I don’t want to be the source of illegal activity. Sorry man, just my convictions on the subject.

  5. it works…anyways, if anyone actually does want a custom myspace music player, then check out this website

    Just upload any mp3 you want, or search for a song on the iste. Add it to your playlist, and then customize your playlist with any background picture or skin. THen copy and paste the code anywhere into your myspace profile!

  6. Honey, you’re sounding a lot like an ad yourself…

  7. myspace terms stop being such a pussy and post the code noob

  8. wow, Greg, it IS an ad.

    Very wonderful experiment! Where shall you post the results? How about on myspace? lol. “myspace is evil, I tell you!”

  9. Yeah Right,

    Flattery will get you nowhere.


    I know, and it left the comment in moderation, but I let it go up anyway because I liked the irony. As for the results, I was surprised. The post actually averaged only about a dozen views per day. I expected it be a higher, but am pleased that it was not. Maybe there’s hope yet…

  10. wtf. AHHHH

    go get hit by a plane.

  11. That’s a terrible line. Work on it.

    “Go play in traffic” and “please throw yourself down a flight of stairs” are among my favorites.

  12. Thats not even funny, Dont quit your day job.

  13. It doesn’t have to be funny, only has to prove a point. You are here because you thought the post concerned myspace. My point is made.

  14. how do i cover up the ads?? where is the code?

  15. dude…just die…

  16. seriously

  17. okay….really though (myspace) you **** ***…I agree with jordon…your not even funny…

  18. heres a random q…what kind of name is greg? you some kind of nazi?

  19. this is the last message…I hate your blog, please do society a favor and just delete it…it’s a waste of space…and time…and energy, for yourself and the readers…

  20. BITE ME ( I taste like chicken) …(LAST POST, I SWEAR)

  21. Sticks and stones, friend.

    Oh, and since you asked, “Greg” is the kind of name you get when your mother’s little brother who died before his third birthday was named Greg. But you’ve yet to show yourself as the kind of person who gives a rip about little things like compassion, love, or understanding, so I doubt you care…

  22. I ended up getting a myspace account to communicate with my niece, who would rather send me a myspace message than an email.
    I was also trying to help her with some customizing and needed a place to experiment.

    Add in the word myspace to a blog does seem to increase the hits (coming from search engines) but what is the point.
    None of these hits actually remain on my blog for even a full second.

    I haven’t figured out how to cover the advertising yet (I can cover the area, but the ad then flashes on top).
    Don’t tell me how though, I want to figure it out myself. I enjoy the challenge.
    I really want to just auto scroll down a bit, when the page comes up, so as to just auto scroll past that stupid flashing ad on the top. But javascript is out, and I am not even certain I can do this in dhtml or css (but I am still looking for a way).

    The whole myspace customizing thing, makes blogger seem more sane than I had previously given it credit for (and blogger screws with comment tags also, when they do their translation, but at least they don’t eliminate and/or auto-close them).

    And what is with the myspace use of object tag. Do they realize that embed is not even considered standard. So far either embed or object works for anything I have used either for (outside of myspace), but I had resorted to the use of only the object tag, after a blogger embed tag bug hit me once (I think they fixed it, as I can’t repeat the symptom). Then once I tried to do any sort of embed type of task on myspace, I was back to the need to use the embed tag.
    I am going to have go back and change my video posting guide (which I wrote for blogger) to re-consider the embed tag.

    I decided I didn’t like the technique of just using absolute positioning to override the whole page, as it has some strange behavior as I shrink and grow the page and then start scrolling. This makes me wonder how it looks on something like a palm top (which I don’t have to do testing on).
    The page is ugly, but I can make it look o.k. with a few simple techniques.

    I already broke one myspace rule.
    I created a myspace account for my doll, and I am certain I lied about her age (since I didn’t know her real age). I needed it to come out over 14. So I used the date the book (the one the character is from), was first published.
    I have seen other myspace pages which obviously have entered a non-correct birth date, since the characters (such as pets and various objects) were not born on a date which was over 14 years ago.

  23. OK, I figured it out, and when I did, it was so simple, that I felt stupid for not seeing the solution much quicker. However I hadn’t worked with html tables for a few years.
    It took one simple line.
    It gets rid of the bottom menu also, they seem to both be in the first table layer, with everything else at least one level lower.
    Actually I was just looking for a true blank slate, so when I put my own template over it, I didn’t have to worry about stuff showing up as I re-sized and scrolled the window.

    The whole key, to customization is knowing exactly how many tables deep, how many TDs deep, and inside a DIV or SPAN.
    If there is a class to exploit that can simplify it.

    After doing one page where I basically override each section one by one, now I will do one with a complete over-lay of my own stuff.

  24. Y dont u just post the code u ****** **** bag stop bein a ****** lil *** its not like the computer police r gonna go get u, u ***** it aint that hard stop playin games n grow up take some risks or r u 2 scared

  25. luogo grande:) nessun osservazioni!

  26. Look, “n00bs” – you guys’ word, not mine – if you know basic HTML, the easiest form of scripting/markup/programming language (splutter) there is, then its not hard to make the ads dissapear. Your account will soon be deleted, but you obviously don’t have the brain cells to come to that conclusion.

  27. I’ve never heard of wordpress before… I think I might start a blog.
    Anywho, I would never expect people to get so mad over someone hating myspace.

  28. Believe it or not, it isn’t myspace I detest so, much in the same way that I don’t despise guns. It’s the myspace addicts I have little to no use for, in the same way that I respect murderers not at all. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t blame the pencil for misspelling the word; it’s the person’s fault.

  29. Addicts?
    You detest myspace addicts?
    Do you think they are weak?

  30. Weakness is not my complaint against them, though that seems as plausible an answer as any. Mine is an issue with people, with relationships. A thousand messages and still life photos can never compare to being looked in the eye even once – not a trait possible through myspace…yet, at least…



  32. you all sound *****’ stupid. get a life… got too much *****’ time on my hands… because i’m posting on here

  33. ******* ******

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