Pensive Moments :: Part 2

The uncertainty is what I cannot take,

But the uncertainty is what gives me hope.

This sword is swinging both ways.

It cuts me then heals the wound;

It shuns me then holds me close.

I don’t know if it’s friend or foe,

And I’m starting to think there’s no difference.

Why is the heart such a treacherous ground?

And why must people tread it so lightly?

I can think of only one thing worse,

That no one tread it at all .

Between distance and loneliness,

The former defeats the latter.

Between confusion and solace

Lie the affairs of the heart.

Never settled, but never forgotten.

Perhaps death is when there’s nothing to tread?

When each part has been trodden?

When the heart is fully given away?

Why would you live without love?

What’s left to live for?




One Response to “Pensive Moments :: Part 2”

  1. Good! Good work…keep working on your soul’s voice, keep refining your heart’s expression, keep perfecting your sound. (If that’s what you’re in it for.)

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