Free Verse?

(This is an attempt at free verse just to please Matt. I hated every moment of it and don’t like the finished product, but here it is.)

You’re not that far off

You’re not that far gone

But the wait is so long

And the days draw on

I’m tired and weary

And longing to see you

Though I can’t explain why

And I don’t understand it

But I don’t know if I care to

I may even like it

I always was a romantic

Is this so impossible?

Is it even improbable?

Why is distance so harmful?

I don’t see why it matters

I’m willing to try if you are


3 Responses to “Free Verse?”

  1. I think it’s marvelous. Would you do me the honor and allow me to publish it on my space?

    By the way, who was your inspiration? I’m always curious to see if guys are always talking about girls, girlfriends, or just friends, or what?

  2. Of course you can, but only if I can likewise publish one of yours. Intimate Isolation I believe was the name. That poem struck me deeply.

    And my inspiration is a woman – not girl, but true woman and lady – whose name is Martha and about whom I have written briefly. If I could name one regret in my life currently, it would be my lack of a means with which to pursue this woman. It’s not every day that you meet a devoted Christian woman filled with passion and devotion to her Lord. Much less do you find one who is so intoxicating and precious to behold. The Bible puts a higher value on such a woman than rubies or diamonds or fine gold, and having now met such a woman, I can’t imagine putting any sort of price on her. And I’m going to stop now because I might go on ranting for some time and no one should have to endure that…

    …not even you 😉

  3. I’d be flattered to have you publish Intimate Isolation here.

    Ah yes, Martha…I do recall your mentioning her name. I’d be very intrigued to discuss this with you more, especially what you mean by not having the means to pursue her. I emailed you earlier to your email account; reply and let’s continue our conversation (s).


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