Hiding and/or Moving the Myspace Music Player


First off, this post exists because I had made mention of having moved the myspace music player on my profile (which, thankfully, no longer exists; I encourage all of you to delete your accounts). Seeing that many people were here only to feed their myspace addiction, I’ve done the evil thing and fed them. See below for how to move the myspace music player and also how to make it just disappear.


Movement of the player is possible because of CSS, which – among limitless other things – allows you to change the properties of already existing HTML tags, such as the two we’re going to mess with.


Before CSS will work on you profile, you have to ‘activate’ it – as it were. To do this, type these HTML tags into any field on your edit profile page:

<style type=”text/css”>

:::CSS HERE:::


Now we’re going to see the CSS codes that actually move the player. These CSS codes should be written between the style type and /style tags.

I’ve used two ways to move the player, both have pros and cons: You can change the embed tag or the object tag (depending on the situation, I’ve used both, though currently I am changing the object tag like you saw above).

When you change the embed tag, you can re-place the player and change the size of it, but it only shows up in Firefox; nothing will have changed in IE. BUT, it looks and works exceptionally on Firefox.

Changing the object tag with CSS will allow you to move the player, and it will work for both IE and Firefox. BUT, you can’t change the size of the player at all.


The overlays and other assorted ways in which you can debacle myspace might (probably will) affect whether these codes work the same way. My profile that you saw above changes this dramatically. So, will it work with you profile, I don’t know. Try them both and find out.

So let’s get into it, and start with the embed property.

embed {
position: absolute;
visibility: visible;
left: #px;
top: #px;

Now for the object code:

object {
position: absolute;
visibility: visible;
left: #px;
top: #px;

Now let’s look at each line to see what’s going on:

position: absolute;

That makes the position of the player determined by the upper left hand corner of the screen and not the usual sitting place of the player between the url and info tables. You’ll see better why that’s important in a bit.

visibility: visible;

This line ensures that – if at all possible – the player will be visible. Now should you want the player to be invisible, change the line to say:

visibility: hidden;

Moving right along:

left: #px;
top: #px;

This designates how it’s current position will change. The px stands for pixels and you’ll replace the # signs with actaul numbers like so:

left: 200px;
top: 200px;

That just designated that I wanted to move the player 200px away from the left edge of its position and 200px away from the top of its position. So basicly I moved the player 200px to the right and 200px down. Change the number of pixels until you have the player resting where you want it (yes, trial and error). Now here’s why it is important to have used absolute positioning. The alternative to absolute is relative. Relative means you will be moving it so-and-so many pixels from it’s default position. That wouldn’t be so bad except that its relative position can change from browser to browser; so what looks just perfect to you could be hundreds of pixels off on some other computer. Whereas, the left edge and top edges of the screen will always be at the left and top edges of every computer’s display. While this won’t ensure that there will be no difference between browsers or computers, it usually lessens the movement.

So here’s how she should look all together:

<style type=”text/css”>

object {
position: absolute;
visibility: visible;
left: 200px;
top: 200px;


Or for the embed tag to be changed:

<style type=”text/css”>

embed {
position: absolute;
visibility: visible;
left: 200px;
top: 200px;


And here’s the best way to just hide the player all around:

<style type=”text/css”>

object {
position: absolute;
visibility: hidden;
left: 0px;
top: 0px;


I’m sorry, but I’m not answering questions anymore, haven’t since somewhere in the mid two hundreds. It became a bit of a bother, plus everybody just screams about how they can’t get it to work. Everything you need is there, but you’re on your own otherwise. Please don’t jump up and say what an idiot I am and how the code doesn’t work. There are plenty of people already using this same piece of code, many of them got it from this site, and it’s working fine. So remember that the code works, but humans are prone to error. And again, remember to retype it into your profile, not copy and paste.

And hey, this is only one post on an entire blog (shameless plug). Actually, my poetry and assorted writings and ramblings are all here, so take a look around.

…and it’s only getting better,


376 Responses to “Hiding and/or Moving the Myspace Music Player”

  1. Tell me how to stop the music from starting automatically and I’ll be your friend.


    PS Firefox isn’t that great. Memory leakage is a big problem.

  2. Why am I evil, Mark?

    Roger, you can stop the music from playing automatically by following these easy steps:

    1) From the home page, use the edit profile link

    2) Go to the far left editing tab which reads “Profile Songs”

    3) Look for the checkbox with the caption “Enable My Profile Song to automatically start” and change it accordingly.

    Simple, no?

    And oh yes, Firefox is King!

  3. howdy

    the music player wouldnt move for me i changed the number of pixels many times & it wouldnt move. whats up with that?


  4. Because you’re cheating Tom. He’s EVERYBODY’S friend!! 😉

  5. I know why, and I’ve edited the post above accordingly. It never even struck me that someone might not even have the styletype tag on their page. It’s nigh impossible to avoid it.

    I tried to message you on myspace so that I knew you’d get this, but you have your profile set to private (Which makes no sense; iIf you only wanted to be there for your friends, why have a website for it? You could be spending time with them in person. Am I right?).
    Go check the edit.

  6. Firefox doesn’t have a memory leakage problem noob. It uses so much ram as a cache for tabbed browsing. You can easily turn it off too. Google it. FFS.

  7. awesome!
    i haven’t tried it yet nut i think it will work

  8. If, for some weird reason it doesn’t work for anyone, use the message page on this blog to talk to me. It should work for you since it is working on my profile, but if not I’ll see what I can do.

  9. This is for ROGER. You have to go to edit profile, and at the end on the top to screen it will say “profile songs” click on that and click the box that says disable songs from playing autimatically

  10. um. i use safari XD

  11. Hey Greg.

    I see that you were able to remove the advertisements from the top of your myspace profile. If you don’t mind me asking. How did you do that? You know, I thought that it was practically impossible to remove them. You know, The myspace bandwidth provider embeds them into the site. Correct me if I’m wrong.


  12. I didn’t remove them, they just aren’t visible; some of the ads (about 20%, maybe less) still show through anyway. Here’s the thing, I don’t give this trick out because it is actually a violation of the myspace terms of service. I’ve only set it that way on my profile now because I’ve left myspace and the profile is sitting idle. If myspace authorities see it and delete my account, fine with me. But I don’t really want to spread around an illegal…well…anything. Sorry, just my convictions on the subject. What’s left of them anyway…

  13. I understand, Greg.

    Thanks Anyways,

  14. Maybe I’m reterded, but I can’t even FIND the music plyers. I have videos, but they suck…where do I get the litle grey music players? I have been quietly looking since February. Help… Everyone I ask must assume I’m joking, because I’ve yet to get a responce. ~Kat~

  15. You just go to the profile of a band and click the add button on the music player by the song that you want on your profile.

  16. Okay, well how do you copy the myspace music player to add it in somewhere else? Like in a bulletin?

    I know it’s possible, but when I copy the direct code it’ll just stop working after 5 minutes.

    My friend needs it

  17. Well, —, I can’t say that I have ever heard of, much less seen that done. I don’t know, but maybe I’ll experiment with it.

  18. Well that was simple. All you do is add the song to your profile, bring up the your page’s source code, look for the embed tag, and highlight and copy it. Then go to the area you want, whether bulletin, comment, profile field, or whatever else, and paste the code into it. You should also be able to change the height and width subtags within the embed command and in-so-much change the size of th player. I haven’t tried that last part, but theoretically it will work.

  19. it doesnt work for overlays, does it?

  20. Sorry, I don’t even know what that is. I don’t profess to be anything more than an amatuer with all this. Please tell me what an overlay is.

  21. how do you put your bands banner ABOVE the adverts(e.g. on triviums page)??

  22. I’ll be straight honest with you, Adam. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never used a band site and I’ve also never tried to do that. I couldn’t tell you with certainty how to do it. That said, I’ve noticed that it is a pretty common sight, so you can probably google it and find what you’re looking for.

  23. Hey Greg,

    I want to know how I can put the multi-song player onto my page to add my own music onto my myspace. I’ve tried downloading players to post onto my site, but I can’t seem to make it work, for one reason or another. Any advice?

  24. Hello Greg…ok i got a problem, as a band i’m trying to upload a song, it’s a remix made by me as a dj, it’s MP3 under 6MB, i can’t see what’s wrong with my song?!?! it always says File Error! Delete and Re-Upload Your File …and i tried to re-upload but still nothing. Thanks!!

  25. Ross and Tibby,

    I have nothing for you. I haven’t ever created a music profile on myspace, just personal use profiles, so I don’t know anything about the player used on them.

  26. Hi, how would I move the player to the TOP of my page?

  27. From the looks of it, you already did.

  28. I have two music players visible on my page. How do I delete the one at the top left?

  29. Unfortunately, your profile, like so many others now, is set to private. It is because of this that I can’t see the problem and, in-so-much, have no clue what to tell you. It’s hard to fix a car before you get to inspect it to see what’s wrong…

  30. Hahaha. Sorry. I forgot about that.

  31. That’s certainly not a default profile. Let’s see. Did you place either of these players by hand? Did you get the coding for your layout from someone/somwhere else? They might have placed a player by hand. For that matter, if you used the code I wrote in the above post, all embed tags should be in the same location now. Very odd….

  32. I figured it out. I had different attributes for 2 separate embed tags. Apparently, they both conflicted with each other. Thanks for your time!

  33. That makes sense. You should remember that for if you ever want to have several players on your profile.

    By the way, Buble is incredible and you picked an awesome song. Nice.

  34. how do i move my music player to the top left of my profile

  35. I answered how to position it in the post. Just chane the top: and left: commands in the CSS to wherever you want it to be. If you want it in the absolute top-left, change both commands to say 0 px.

  36. cheeks you are a legend ! You just saved me from a world of pain with the tip about cache memory! I was starting doubt Firefox’s supremacy 🙂

  37. why move the myspace music player???

    Just use this website!

    It lets you upload any mp3 and make a custom myspace music player, with a custom skin or background pic of your choice.

    THen you just copy and paste the code they give you into any section of your myspace!!!

  38. An overlay is a profile that completely hides the original myspace layout and replaces it with a bunch of HTML that creats the layout.

  39. @Roger: Stopping the music from autoplaying is an option you can turn on, it’s on the same page as where you upload your songs.

  40. one way to stop other embed items from moving would be to give them a class, like .allothers, and put CSS code under the other one that makes them ignore the other move…

    so in your bit you add..

    embed.allothers {
    position: static;

    and then for every annoying bit of flash (games, videos, whiteboards, photo galleries whatever) that has in its code, just add class=”allothers” right after embed, like , and it shouldn’t move.

  41. ok – on IE here, but none of the PRE elements showed up. is that normal?


    embed.allothers {
    position: static;

  42. you might want to delete the one above.


  43. well… you know what i’ve said, even if it didn’t show up… sorry for the spam

  44. Betty,
    Is that all an overlay is? Well my entire profile is an overlay so I’d say it works perfectly.

    It didn’t show up because of the number of links. It was stored for moderation. And yes, that addition should work fine unless Tom’s AllowScriptAccess=”never” command gets in the way. I’ll look into it later and post here what I find out. Even if it does work (which it should), that may be more work than a lot of people are willing/know how to do.

    And yes, Morrowind is king.


  46. This might not be the correct place to ask.. but,.. I have some (well a ton) of songs that I want to be able to play on my profile that are not on artist’s pages. So I made a fake band and uploaded some. They work just fine on the artist page. I have one set as my main account profile song, but it doesn’t work there. It just says connecting and nothing happens and the song never starts.. if I click the view button, it goes to my artist page and the song works fine…

    Anyone know what the probem might be?

  47. Not really. That’s an internal myspace issue, no ammount of HTML or CSS will affect that, methinks.

  48. Ok. If it doesn’t work for me. Does that mean it doesnt work for anyone?

  49. Hi does this code allow you to embed your myspace player on other websites? Is that even possible? I tried it and I always get a loading error. it works the first time it loads on the page and then loading error the rest of the time… PLEASE HELP!

    (check the bottom of my webpage)

  50. I tried to change the position and I still can’t do it.

    this is the code i added to about me:

    embeded {visibility: visible; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0px}

  51. I am new to myspace, updated my profile with a template i found online, made some changes.

    My problem is the MUSIC PLAYER leaves a trail (kinda jumps) when I scroll up or down

    Anyone know how i can fix this?

  52. my problem is completely identical to isabel’s. i cannot seem to get the player to move.

  53. hi…juss being nosy….who or wat is Morrowind???

  54. Travis,

    No, it doesn’t mean that. It might be loading just fine on other people’s computers. It is playing fine from mine. By the way, Derek’s overlay is a great thing. I used to use that myself.


    I haven’t ever managed to make the myspace music player work on outside sites. I wouldn’t expect it to anyway. That said, I also haven’t tried much. I’d be more interested in getting a purevolume player somehow.


    Did you remember to use the css activate tag and deactivate tag? And you said you wrote embeded, when it should just be embed. Also, remember to retype it all instead of copying and pasting. Your CSS between the activate/deactivate tags should look like this:

    embed {
    visibility: visible;
    position: absolute;
    top: 0px;
    left: 0px;

    mr twig,

    Most likely this is caused by the amount of effects used by the layout, especially if it uses lowered opacity on the tables. It’s more or less a result of simple lag.


    Use the same code I gave to Isabel, but change the left and top values to fit your needs.


    Finally, something not about myspace. Thank you. Morrowind is an awesome role-playing game from Bethesda. Robson had many references to it on his page.

    Wow. It’s getting hard to keep up. All the same, keep contacting me if you have questions.

    carpe noctem

  55. You _CAN_ distinguish the myspace MP3 player without upsetting other embed properties.

    /*CSS Properties here*/


  57. how do you have a song on your page for myspace and have it play, but yet not be seen.

    is it even possible?
    please help

  58. i was tryen tah find a way tah post my music player in a bulletin.i seen a couple artists wit this already.i need help.
    thanks robert

  59. Why use the crappy myspace music player at all? Has anyone checked out mytuneslive.com

    They have more than one generator which lets you upload mp3 music, then share this music on myspace or anywhere else!

  60. Hey Could I’m new to all this could you explain how i get a billion friends step by step I’d be so greatful!!!

  61. read my blog, The Gentleman and His Court.

  62. i know this is an off-question but is there a way of making my myspace profile into flash .??

    more info on my thought to have a front page leading into my myspace like one of those flash ones with the countdown bar at the beginning .?

    alright thanks for listening to this wierdo .

  63. hey I’ve tried moving the music player using your code and it just doesn’t want to work!

    i keep changing the ammount of pixels and it still doesn’t, and i’ve used the code you’ve the placed above the same as you’ve put it.



  64. Evil Player

    However, many programs are both freeware and free software. The term

  65. ok i have a song i want to put on my page that is not on myspace like add it to aplayer like your talking about, i understand to retype the above code, but how in the world do i get my song to play then. yes im retarded thank you

  66. Wow…

    I disappear for no more than a week and upon return I discover questions and inquiries, but no answers. I’ll see if I can help that.

    To make the music player start automatically and remain invisible, use the styletype=”text/css” and /style tags as described above, adding between them this piece of code:

    embed {
    visibility: hidden;

    Remember to use the style tags and to set the song to play automatically. This can be done without code as it is a feature offered by myspace.

    For all who cannot seem to make this work, I cannot help you. I have written out exactly what I did to move my own player and know that it works because my player has indeed moved. All I can suggest is that you look back over the post and the comments in an attempt to find out what you are doing wrong. Everything you need is there.

    As for using flash in myspace, I wouldn’t know. I have not been priviledged with the opportunity to use flash. Ever.

    As for how to get a billion friends, I just don’t care. At such a point as that, they cease to be friends and have become no more than numbers, meaningless and silent numbers.

  67. hi there!

    im actually a big myspace programming n00b, (but i loved morriwind^^)

    i just finished my flash 10song. kickass .mp3 player.:D
    so i just wanted to know, if there’s a way to “remove” the standard myspace player, or at least hide it.(or is it possible that i just move it “outside” my page, so that noone sees it?)

    ch33rs and thx

  68. i’m sorry for my double-post, but i managed now to move the standard player off the page, by using about 2000px.

    now i pasted my new flashplayer, and it’s actually kinda attached to the standardplayer -_-, mabey you knew that^^

    so when i try to make the standardplayer invisible i always make my flashplayer dissapear too.

    am I boned?

  69. Like I said, I’ve never worked with flash. I don’t know anything about it.

  70. waha sry again 4 tripple post.

    but i finally figured it out^^, im pretty embarrassed 😀
    don’t wanna waste your time:)

  71. A few of your comments were caught in moderation because it picked up on the word ass.

    You don’t need to move the player outside of the page. Just change that css property that says ‘visibility: visible’ to say ‘visibility: hidden’. Then you can use myspace’s options to set whether it plays or not.

  72. i’m sorry for the ass, and thankfull for your fast response,

    even befor bedtime, its now 01:31 here 😀

    isnt there another command instead of “hidden” that erases the player? (i need the space afterall).

    “hidden” just turns it invisible, doesn’t it?

    thx again and gn8

  73. Indeed, it only turns it invisible. If there is a command to strip the player away all together, I regret to say that I don’t know it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. You might try setting its position to the absolute top left, then turning it invisible as well. Might work…

  74. ok, thx that’s all i guess.

    afterall i have to say that i really like your hp.,
    looks like hard work.

    wakingpain 😉

    i requested an add, if you want it or not.

    i have to get some rest now, gn8, and thx again 4 all,
    i’ll mabey check by tomorrow

  75. hey Greg…thanx for lettin me kno!

  76. Don’t mention it.

    Heehee…someone just tried to cuss me out in a comment on this blog entry. It was no more than a long string of obscenities. Unfortunately for him/her, I have safeguards in place to insure that no such vulgar language ever sees the light of day, so to speak. I love to spite the spiteful…

  77. plz could u help me, i’ve added a song on my myspace and it won’t work. i’ve removed it and readded it again loadsa times! it still doesn’t work, i really like the song!

    any ideas why?

  78. Nope. That’s an internal issue that neither you nor I have much, if any baring on.

  79. To make the music player start automatically and remain invisible, use the styletype=”text/css” and /style tags as described above, adding between them this piece of code:

    embed {
    visibility: hidden;

    k mr greg..i know you said that but how do you put it all together.
    like i dont get it.ha sorry im dumb.

    i really wanna know.
    thank you

  80. There’s the catch, as it is said. I can’t type any CSS in the comments or it will automatically be erased. At the bottom of the actually post, I shall add an edit that has all the necessary code to only turn the player invisible without changing its position.

  81. hey can u help me out?
    i have a myspace profile and a myspace music profile.
    i wanna take the player from my music profile and put it on my regular profile. do you know how to dothat? please msg me back in an email if possible.

  82. […] As far as moving the music player, got that courtesy of GREG. […]

  83. Hi Greg…
    It’s nice to “pseudo kinda but not really meet you” too. =p
    I’m verrry new to this myspace thing. just joined a couple of days ago. I’ve been playing around with HTML that I find online and was able to do a few cool things (like scan and use a cherished tie dye for my background) but I’m not sure how to add a multi-song player to my profile. Can you help?

    I reallllllllly appreciate it!
    Here is my link> http://www.myspace.com/purplebutterflysky
    Check it out… =)
    Carolyn =)

  84. I haven’t really done any work with outside source music players. Mostly because they are outside sourced and in-so-much can in no way spite Tom. Still, the one that comes to mind is on Blue October’s myspace page ( http://myspace.com/blueoctober ). It should have a link the site that it came from at the bottom of the playlist on the player itself. Check there.

  85. ok for.. everyone seems to be missing this question.
    How do you put the myspace music player in a comment or bulletins or even emails.
    There is a way cuz i have seen it i just dont know how to do it.
    So to make this nice and simple. Cuz its like no one understands the above posts about it. Can you COPY the MYSPACE MUSIC PLAYER to a BULLETIN, EMAIL, or COMMENTS.

    I seen greg post something about this earlier but. He said this

    “Well that was simple. All you do is add the song to your profile, bring up the your page’s source code, look for the embed tag, and highlight and copy it. Then go to the area you want, whether bulletin, comment, profile field, or whatever else, and paste the code into it. You should also be able to change the height and width subtags within the embed command and in-so-much change the size of th player. I haven’t tried that last part, but theoretically it will work. ”

    Ok. Could you break it down just a litte further. I dont get the bring up you page source code. Do you mean like the URL? I dont see any HTML unless its in my page.

  86. Add the song that you want to put in a bulletin (or whatever else) to your profile. Then go to your profile and right click on it. In the list of things you can do, there will be an option that says something along the lines of “view source”; click it. Now scroll down until you see the embed tag. It should be aligned all the way to the left of the window and will probably be set apart from everything by a few line breaks. Copy everything from the embed tag to the /embed tag including the tags themselves. Now paste it where you want it.

  87. Greg, is there anyway to move the table for the music player that is in the myspace music section? I’m having a hard time shifting the player down a few hundred pxls. If you have experience at this, please inform, I will be in your debt.


  88. Shawn,

    I don’t completely understand the question, friend. Do you want to take the music player from a music page (large player with up to four songs) and move it over to a normal profile? I recently found out how to do that if you need it. Please elaborate, if you would.

  89. greggggg that invisible code isnt working for me;[

    can i put it in any box?
    or does it need to be in a certain one?

  90. Hey Greg!
    I’ve been reading these posts but none seem to answer what I’m looking for.
    I’m on the drumline on our school, and I’ve made a Myspace for us to interact with students and such.
    And I made a CSS layout and everthing, but the music we have won’t play.

    I tried moving the whole player via ctrl+U and grabbing the script /object code but when I paste it on a table, it says “loading error”
    The only thing I can think of is this thing getting in the way..


    I change it to always but I find it changed back to never when I go back to editing the profile.
    Is there some way to get the full 4 song player in the About Me table in CSS?


    [viva la firefox]

  91. Cassandra, I’m sorry you haven’t gotten it working, but there no more I can do. It is clearly outlined and I’ve already been to others’ sites where it is now invisible.

    Wes, no, you can’t, as far as I can tell, move the player without it always resorting to that error message. I’d suggest using an outside player for the job. You can find a good one at http://myspace.com/blueoctober by looking at the very last track listed on the player. It should actually be a link to the site that the player came from.

  92. ahhh ~crappola~.ok well whats your myspace greg?

  93. Sorry to change what you said, but I try to keep things clean on here. Nothing personal.

    My all-but-abandoned myspace can be found at myspace.com/lifes_traitor

    I still get on there when I am trying some new idea out or experimenting with some piece of code. When I am there, though, I check my mail and whatnot, even if I don’t often respond to it…

  94. i have a demo and i wana add it 2 myspace im having trouble me adding my own music and i already signed up as a artist im tryin 2 get my music out there plz help me

  95. It’s not as simple as just grabbing the code and pasting it into your myspace. It will work onceor twice and then continue with saying “loading error”. As you know Greg, myspace filters out some characters andI think what it filters is needed to getthe player working.

  96. Angel outlaw,
    I’ve never made a music profile so I don’t know anything about that.

    You are quite right. Myspace does ‘filter’. It seems that the code and player will work up until you exit your browser. Then you’re screwed.

  97. no one would ever have to make a stupid walk through if tom would just allow complete custimazation of that persons page and easily for the not so javascript etc. oriented, like drag and drop and easy coding but i duno i was just searching google for a way to put a stand alone player on a normal myspace without changing accounts but still be able to hav my bands songs on it hmms oh and firefox does rule its like complete internet acces at your finger tips like right now i can get all the html coding from this page and recreate it somewere else as well as change a few words around but i dont think ppl should know about that yet

  98. o and ummm WOOOOO

  99. this is awesome. I love this page!!

  100. greg is my hero.^-^

  101. hey I was just wondering how to move the music player to the upper corner, and allow it to still be seen through the private setting.

    thanks very much for the help!

  102. “greg is my hero.^-^” , Cassandra said. To which I respond, “Eh…what?”


    NOOO!!!!! You’ve said the taboo word – private. I don’t deal in private profiles. There’s a good reason: I’ve never had one to experiment with. I don’t understand why people set their profile to private. If you don’t want people to see it, why have one in the first place? Makes no sense…

    That said, if I knew how to do it I’d tell you, but alas, I know not. Nor do I know if it’s even possible.

  103. Umm… question

    When I paste the embed code into my bulletins, it always comes up Loading Error less than 10 minutes later. Is there anything special I need to add/subtract to make it stay without the error?

  104. Probably not. That just seems to always happen when tampering with the music players. Don’t know why…

  105. ok, i finally got into my profile’s page source and there are lots of embed codes. I can’t find which one is the myspace music player that plays one song that i added to my profile. Help.

  106. nevermind, i found the embed code for the myspace music player from my profile. Now what do i do so i can make the song play in the background while the player is invisible,

    Note: this is not an music artist profile, just regular profile.

  107. i just tried something, by not make the height and width to like 1 and 0 or 1 and 1, i did it and i can’t see the player , but the music still plays. I guess its kinda a way to make the music play but its not visible.

    Hope this helps some people.

  108. If you just want to make it invisible and still play, all you need to do is go into your edit profile options, then to your profile song, and enable the song to play automatically.

    To make it invisible: In the code above, there is a property that says visibility: visible; You want to change that to say visibility: hidden;

    That’s all. The height, width, position, none of that matters if it’s all going to be hidden in the end.

  109. “I don’t completely understand the question, friend. Do you want to take the music player from a music page (large player with up to four songs) and move it over to a normal profile? I recently found out how to do that if you need it. Please elaborate, if you would.”

    could you send me info on how to do this please??

    thanks in advance

  110. I’ve seen many other artist post their music player in other people’s comment’s section…but I can’t seem to get it to work for me. How do I place my music player into a comment section?

  111. Why would MySpace so desperatly try to keep this a secret? It’s not like it worse than flying objects all over people’s MySpace profiles.

  112. jukeshare.com
    go there you’ll see,,oh yeah,add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Hello Greg – cheers for this, very useful stuff. I’m new to all this too but learning quite fast: one thing though. Your code works perfectly (as you’ll see) in firefox for me, I just wanted to shift it off our e-flyer to the bottom, so people could select the songs etc.

    But when viewed in IE, the player is static. This may be the problem people are having, that they’re using IE. Got any idea whether there’s a crack to enable it to work in IE at all?

    God I hate myspace. Damn it’s good though.


  114. I haven’t really played with the big player for band pages, just the small, personal players. I couldn’t tell you how to fix it. Sorry, it’s not that I am no longer willing to go experiment and get back with people; it’s that I’ve started college now and my time isn’t so much limited as it is non-existent.


  116. i just wanna know a url for songs that arent on someone’s profile.. for instance.. i wanna hear black by pearl jam, but it isnt on their profile.. is there somewhere else i can go to get it.. or at least search for it

  117. hey greg
    well i want to put some good music from my comp to my band profile but i dont even hab a player :/

    could u pls help me
    well i can figure out about the player , but how do i put some of my music on it?
    pls help im tired of lookin trough google!

  118. Go to http://myspace.com/blueoctober and look on the left side as you scroll down. When you see the music player they have, scroll down to the last track. It should be a link to the site where you can get this player. After that, look at the site. There ought to be directions on how to go about using this player and how to upload thge tracks you want from your computer.

    As for converting music from wav to mp3, most computers come with the software needed to rip music from a music cd and convert the file type in the process. Where it is on your computer is something only you could know…

  119. adam – August 10, 2006
    how do you put your bands banner ABOVE the adverts
    If your banner is your background image, this is how I did it.
    Copy and paste this CSS code into your “About Me” bit of your page…

    body {

    Change the number to be the height of your banner, plus a few pixels to leave a bit of a gap.
    All this does is push the content further down the page.
    This is how it looks on my page: http://www.myspace.com/ichiradio

  120. Hi i have a band page. i want to make the stand alone player less visible. Not invisable. What is the code for that?

    I feel sorry for you two having to repeat yourself over and over lol.

  121. ok how do you change the size of the music player…anyone???

  122. On post #120 you spoke of blueoctober…..i just checked and they must have just changed their player would you happen to know of another space that had the same player or the name of the site?

  123. You are correct, sir. They have changed their page and removed the player. I’ll look around and suggest an alternative later.

  124. i put in the Opx to move my player to the top left in the preview it moves but when i save it its still in the same spot!


    i think it has to do with my overlay.

    i dont know.

    i used to be able to hide the player but now everytime i hide it it doesnt play.

    maaan. i just dont want it where it is.

    can you help?

  125. i made my profile by typing
    stuff into a site where it makes
    it for you, and they included
    a music player code that goes
    in the edit page along with
    evertything else.

    the player used to me in the very
    top left corner of my page,
    but for some reason now its
    right in the middle
    [i added you so you could see what
    im talking about]

    i tried the codes you put on
    here, but they didnt work for me.

    i would love to have it
    hidden, but anything works
    for me.

  126. i am using this div overlay and it will not hide the music player for some reason so i tryed your code but it still doesnt work, can you tell me why? thanks

    you can check out what i mean at my myspace (www.myspace.com/room_64)


    .comments {visibility:hidden;display:none;}

    .main {
    position: absolute;
    left: 50%;
    top: 125px;
    width: 800px;
    margin-left: -400px;


    my content is here

  127. I’m gonna be straight: I’m getting tired of repeating myself. Everything you need has already been said, probably been said twice, in the post and acompanying comments.

    An overlay will not cover the music player, nor the adds. You need to use CSS to change the visibility of the embed tag to hidden. Then create a new version of the embed tag (something like embed.new) and set it’s visibility to visible. Now add to the tag of any other embed items on your page the class=”new” amendment. This is pretty simple really.

  128. okay, im really sorry. i dont have any clue what your trying to say. so, do i delete the code i had previously for the music player and put something else in? sorry.

  129. okay, so i just saw the response you had for isabella [number 55] and i saw you said that they needed to put the CSS between the activate/deactivate tags. what do you mean by that?

  130. I can’t actually type any HTML in these comments because wordpress will automatically delete it, so where you see parenthesis brackets below will need to be replaced with arrow brackets when typed into your profile.
    (style type=”text/css”)

  131. umm, just a thought, but I would think it would be easier to just address the player as object since thats how the default MySpace code refers to it. like this


    object {position:relative; top:-310; left:440px;}

  132. umm, just a thought, but I would think it would be easier to just address the player as object since thats how the default MySpace code refers to it. like this


    put my above code here

  133. ok it’s not gonna let me type out the on off codes

    replace ( ) with

    (style type=”text/css”)
    object {position:relative; top:-310; left:440px;}

  134. this sux lol. ok well i guess if you can’t figure out what i’m trying to type in you can go to my page and use a layout stealer. lol


  135. i have tried soooooo many codes, and NONE will work.
    the stupid little thing wont budge!

  136. I had someone else offer changing the object as analternative, but she said that she couldn’t change the size that way. I haven’t tried. If you’ve got something that works, why mess with it…

  137. I am wondering – has myspace done ‘something’ to keep this code from working? I had been using your code for over a month and went out of town this weekend…when I came back, the music player was right where myspace puts it on a “normal” layout.

    I am now trying to make a player from an outside source work on my page and not having much luck with placing it on my page.

    Anyway – anyone else out there using Greg’s code and it was working for you, and now it’s not?

  138. umm i used to use this exact code i got from another site, i dont remember the site but…it won’t work period now.. its in the same spot and wont move just like christy and this aint gonna work cause i got my page wher i got stuff centered and the mp3 player is righttt in the way of things..ermm

  139. I can get the mp3player using the code above to move with Firefox, but the same code doesn’t work with IE. I can’t figure out how to make it move in IE.

  140. I don’t know what’s going on with you guys; this is the same code that is in effect on my own profile. I’ve put it in over and over again to make sure it works, and it always does. IE, Firefox, SBC Browser, everything I’ve got works fine except for Safari on the college macs.

  141. Maybe it’s because I am trying to move the player on the artist profile that I run. I mean, like I said- the code still works in Firefox, but not in IE. So does anyone know how to make the artist standalone player move in IE?

  142. Sorry for double posting. This code will move the artist profile player and appear in both Firefox and IE:
    td.text p object {position:absolute; left:50%; top:400px; margin-left:-220px;}

  143. so I tried both codes,
    moving. and hidding.
    No luck with either,

  144. i’m going insane…nothing will work

    i have an overlay layout and it tells me this:

    .bbzComment { This is where you control the position of the player. }
    table table embed {display:block; width:202px; height:35px; position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; visibility:visible;}
    table table table embed, .bbzContainer div embed {position:static !important; width:auto; height:auto; }
    .text, table table table table a,
    table table table table div,.frm1 {visibility:hidden;}
    table table table table div a, .frm1 input {visibility:visible;}
    .bbzComment { You selected to hide comments. }
    .text, td.text td.text table, .contactTable, .lightbluetext8 {display:none;}
    table table, table table td {padding:0px; height:0px;}

    i’m pretty retarded at html…but i sorta do understand.

    i want my player to move to the top right hand corner of my page but nothing will work…

    i’ve tried so many times and it just doesnt work.

    please help!!

  145. I can’t even start to dicipher that piece of crap parading as code. It looks like CSS written to form and shape the existing tables on the myspace profile. The first thing I do when starting a layout is dismiss all of the existing work and start from a nice, blank, white page. Insomuch, I couldn’t begin to tell you what to do with all that code…

  146. umm hey.. i like totally cant freakin hide my music player… any help would be MUCH appreciated

  147. umm.. sry hab u find any other band that has the player ? .. :S

  148. Hello, for some reason it works with firefox but now with IE. (cache cleared)

  149. To get this to work with IE it’s simple. Don’t apply the style to the embed tag, apply it to object. Your code should be:

    object { visibility: visible; position: absolute; left:20px; top:20px; }

    I use it for my Layouts found at FamilyGuyDesigns.com

  150. There’s an answer for you all. Thank you, Brandon.

  151. Ya…I was just wondering if anyone had a code to put some sort of layout in your pictures section. I had a code and I changed the url to a tiny one and everything but it didn’t work. Did Tom block that out or what?
    Does anyone have any clue as to how you put a banner at the very top/above “home”, “browse”, etc.? If anyone could help me out with this it would be awsome!!
    Please message me on myspace…www.myspace.com/xxxsnosagexxx

    Thanks for the code for the music player as soon as I figure it out I’ll use it. lol.


  153. i think the code must have been changed, because i had this code on my myspace for months, but now it suddenly doesn’t work, and my profile got messed up


  154. this doesnt work *******

  155. what about making the music player mini. how do you do that. i mean like whats the code to make that music player real small?

  156. Hi Greg, thanks for the info of how to remove the player, but it doen’t work for me, I guess is because of the Band Page thing. anyway is there any way to make it become a smaller player?
    thanks for the effort again!

  157. I put this and it works! my player is gone! : –

    object {
    visibility: hidden; position: absolute; left:-100px; top:-100px;

  158. !UPDATE!

    As best I can tell, something has been altered the above code no longer works in Internet Explorer (Though Firefox is still perfect). I was changing the embed code bcause you can also change the size of the player like that, but now I would recommend changing the object tag. I’ve noted this as well in the post.

  159. yay!
    thank you so much!

  160. Im really confused, ive tried all the codes suggested from this site, and tried calling objects something else and doing it that way as well, but nothing seems to be working, has anyone actually managed to be able to move it in internet explorer to where they want it? i use firefox and its fine, but the general majority use IE, so being able to move the player wuld be great.

    Help would be highly appreciated. as i, am stumped as to what to try next =/.

  161. doesnt matter guys i figured it out, you have to set the positioning of the player to relative.


    (style type=”text/css”)
    onject {position:relative; top: 200px; right: 110px; width: 250px;}

    ****replace Brsckets with More Than/Less than symbols******

  162. ******
    should really check spelling first

    as below;

    (style type=”text/css”)
    object {position:relative; top: 200px; right: 110px; width: 250px;}

  163. It’s hard for me to know what you are all seeing in IE because I haven’t had a problem with it. From the start to now, I’ve been altering the embed code and it always shows up exactly as it should in IE on my computer. Insomuch, it’s just hard to help you all with this…

  164. IT does not move the player and I typed it myself… It moves the video I have though…

  165. Which code? Like I said, I don’t know anything about the object code, just put it there because so many people told me that it was how they were altering their player.

    As for the embed player, yes, the code works. To say otherwise is stupid. Know why? Because myself and others are using it quite happily. So don’t say, “it doesn’t work,” for this is a statement of willful ignorance. Rather say, “I can’t get it to work, so I must be doing something incorrectly or have an inferior browser.” That would be an accurate statement.

  166. Your right im a ******* idiotic loser sorry im going to go die now

  167. Your words, not mine.

  168. hi i have a bunch of standalone players and they all start at once when someone goes on my page how can i get the music to not start automatically, i tried ediiting under music but that is not working.

  169. Eddie. post 159. You are a genius. I’ve been staring at this thread for the past hour trying to sort out getting ‘rid’ of the myspace player. I set up the standalone player for myspace but it takes ages (i.e. never) to load up so I decided I wanted rid. I have another flashplayer up there instead.

  170. Ive Tried The Codes You Have Put Up On Here But NONE Are Working Which Is Rather Annoying.

    Ive Tried Many Codes From Other Websites Too But None Of Them Are Working Either :l


    Is This Because It Is An Overlay Or Something ?

    My Profile Is … http://www.myspace.com/xxlostangel2006xx

    Please Help :l

  171. So how do you post your myspace music player in a bulletin??(For those who have a music page)

  172. hi, i have a very tiny layout & everything’s fine exxcept for the music player. how can I make it smaller? because it’s too big compare to the rest of my layout and it overlaps stuff… do I need a code or what?

  173. Thanks for the music code.
    I was getting angry at the old code cause it wasn’t moving the player for me.

    Thanks again.
    You’re a champ.


  174. Is there a way to move your details back ABOVE the interests table? For some reason my new layout has moved my “details” down below the interests table 😦 along with my schools and networking (but I don’t care about those two)

    Any help? THANKS!


  175. Ok so i have the player on my myspace i just redid the format but its all the way down in the freinds box, how do i get it up top in that empty space where it is supposed to be

  176. Jess, if it’s not working from the myspace profile player options, I don’t know what to tell you.

    Georgina, an overlay won’t change anything, and the codes will work if used correctly, so I would say to look over all the code on your page and see if there are any other pieces of code that may be interfering with this or the other codes you’ve tried.

    riche$, you could always just bring up the page source, search for the code for the player, then copy and paste it into a bulletin, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about that consistently working. I was experimenting with pulling the same kind of cut and paste job with the purevolume player not too long ago, and I couldn’t get it to work properly.

  177. rox, to make the player smaller, you’ll need to use the embed code instead of object, but that means that you’ll need a good web browser if you don’t have one. i suggest Firefox – it’s a fast free download. http://getfirefox.com

    Tennille, thank you for saying something kind. I appreciate that.

    Kelly, I’m sorry to say that I don’t do any work with the existing myspace tables than to make them cease existing altogther, so I can’t be much help.

    Justin, in the code where it says left: #px and top: #px, you need to change the numbers to reflect the positioning you desire. The commands dictate how far the player is from that respective egde of the screen. So if you set it to left: 700px; you will have a player that is seven hundred pixels right of the left side of the page.

  178. i still can’t get it to work.. i give up..
    if anyone can help me
    message me
    myspace link

  179. ok, i didnt see it already listed or answered, so i think i have a new question:

    -how do i leave my standalone player in a comment on someone elses page?

    help would be much appreciated.

  180. nice, i moved my player to the bottom right and hid it completely…i love it…thanks man!

  181. For a music page, how do you bring up the page source. Also, how will I know when I’ve found the music player code

  182. I have a big problem that you might be able to help me with… I use firefox (which i love) My profile looks great on it, but when I go to IE in my interests table all my photos I have are stacked on top of each other and to the left as well as some of the text. On firefox they are side by side as they should be. What can I do to fix this cause it’s making my music player move to the left on IE too!!!!

  183. gotta say mate i think you’re a great chap helping everyone out like this, if i could give you a cookie i would.

    right, when i use firefox (FAR better that IE) the music player is always right in the top left corner. great. i’m well chuffed with that. Problem is, on IE its bang in the middle of my page.

    What i’ve done for the time being is position the text so that the player nestles in the middle, but this is a quick fix and doesnt work very well because everyone seems to use different text size. fleh.

    i’ve tried using your codes but havent had any luck so far….hrelp me?

  184. wahey no no it’s done i just didnt go the right way about it done it now thanks fellahs what lovely chaps.

  185. odd,
    Leaving players just plain doesn’t work properly as far as I can tell.

    I’m happy for you.

    Right click on the page and click view source. To find the right code, you’ll need to be able to decipher html and I’d suggest using ctrl+f to search by the word embed.

    Problems in the transition between firefox and IE and other browsers is often just a case of trial and error. I wish everyone justused firefox so that we could all be happy and equal, but that’s not going to happen. Instead, look carefully at what’s on the page, check the features of each browser to see what they can support, and then try try again.

    I’m happy for you as well; nice profile.

  186. Well the problem is that no matter what I do i.e. change the numeric values. I cannot move the music player and it is stuck in the middle of my profile in a picture.

    I posted this in the CSS tag

    embed {
    visibility: visible;
    position: absolute;
    top: 0px;
    left: 0px;

    and that didnt work. So i tried changing the numeric values to minus to the left or to the right. it doesnt seem to move. Is there any way to move it cause its just in the wrong place.


  187. Actually got it sorted out.

    Thanks anyway.

    Its nice of you to help everyone out.


  188. YOUR SO0 GAY.




  189. http://www.bbzspace.com/ Overlay profile right here.

    I can’t really give out any information cause I might get be up by my mother.

  190. omg thanks a lot man.

  191. Argh I’ve tried everything and i cant get my player to move. I really want it in the top right hand corner but it wont budge. I’ve taken it off now because it was covering my contact links.

    I think it might have somehting to do with the coding i used from bbzspace.com
    Don’t suppose you could have a look at it could you and tell me what i need to do to move it.

    .bbzComment { This is where you control the position of the player. }
    table table embed {display:block; width:202px; height:35px; position:absolute; top:-100px; left:-100px; visibility:hidden;}
    table table table embed, .bbzContainer div embed {position:static !important; width:auto; height:auto; }
    .text, table table table table a,
    table table table table div,table table table table div a {visibility:visible;}

    Please help me

  192. Woooo already figured it out. had to change ’embed’ to ‘object’ hahaha i’ve wasted hour trying to figure that out lol


  194. Nah, there’s an easy work-around for that. Just create a new CSS property called something like

    embed.stable {
    position: relative;
    visibility: visible;

    and add an html tag to the embed item you want to stay put like this class=”stable”

    Simple stuff…

  195. how can i hide the myspace music baner on top?

  196. hi.
    I’ve moved the player but this annoying white box keeps following it.
    is there a way I can get rid of that?
    I finally had to use margin right just so i can hide it : /
    look at my profile and scroll to the right.
    please help.

  197. hey folks.

    can i hide the original player if i have another one ?

    and what program should i use to do this ?

    thx for your help


  198. Alright, I just re-wrote the entirety of the post. It’s a bit more to the point and understandable and all around better.

  199. i can’t get the music to start, but the box is hidden
    i need help though message me on myspace or something pleaseee

  200. i have the same question as the person above me..
    the player is hidden//but the song wont play.
    your code is the only one out of about 10 that iv tried that actually hid my player, so thats a step :]
    helpp please? message on myspace is the easiest way for me to respond.

  201. ey dawg thanx a million homie i went from website 2 website tryin 2 hide ma music player but it worked wen i deid wat u said thanx again fue

  202. To make the music play automatically, go to edit profile and look for the far-right navigation tab where it says something like ‘profile songs.’ There will be a checkbox that says something along the lines of, “enable profile song to start automatically.” Set it accordingly.

  203. how do i get a standalone player for my artist page

  204. how do i get a standalone player for my artist page

  205. how do i hide my music

  206. i want to hide my song on myspace but i dont know how too

  207. ay…. how do I get my music player from my artist page to anywhere I want it??? like on my regular proifile or under somebody’s comments??? I forgot because it kept messing up.

  208. Standalones for your pages, artist or not, are best found through google searching and doing your homework before making a decision.

    I outlined how to hide music in the post. It’s there to be read, not skipped over.

    Moving the artist player is simple, so long as you have access to the head commands of the site on which you place it. If not, I don’t know how you can do it successfully.

  209. Hi Greg please help i managed to get a html that i can paste into my bulletins for the myspace standalone music player :

  210. but its not the player from the band i want and i can’t work out how to get the source from their site http://www.myspace.com/sangrealuk i think i may have limited access on my browser. Please can you help x

  211. the reason that the code won’t work is because when you copy and paste the code in the profile editor, it changes the parentheses…
    you have to re type in the parentheses…and then when the parentheses is straight up and down instead of slanted the code will work.

  212. Hey, have a question.

    I copied the code directly out of the source code from my band’s page to post into a bulletin to promote, etcc… But for some reason, it works a few times, then stops working entirely whenever the player “updates” its play count.

    Any remedy? I’d just like to be able to post a music player into a bulletin, preferably with a textbox for people to repost…


  213. Here’s the problem, guys. If you go to an artist’s page, pull up the source, then paste it somewhere else – it will work until you close your browser. You see, your browser is retaining data from the artist page where the player is originally, but it dumps that data when you close the program. So for the player to work, you need to have been to the artist’s profile since openning your browser. If you have access to the head commands on the page on which you place the player, place code to redirect briefly to the artist’s page and then back to yours. BUT, you don’t have access to the head of the page on myspace, nor can you use javascript, so that’s just out.

    Is there a way to make it work properly? Probably, but I don’t know it.

  214. Hey, thanks.

    I figured it out.

    Here’s a link to a very useful site, very poorly put together, but it still does the job if you want to take any MySpace artist’s player and put it anywhere you want.



  215. I made an overlay prfile and now no matter what i do what code i put it i cant get it to move what do i do?


  216. Hi
    do you know how to get a picture as my background on my pics page? thanks

  217. do you know if it is possible to put a band/artist type mp3 player on a regular account. or can you sign up for a music account and transfer your info from reg. account???

  218. thanx so much i have been looking everywhere to find a code that would get rid of my music player…. thanx!!

  219. i’ve hidden the player.
    but whilst hidden it doesn’t play the song
    i’ve given up and just relocated it
    but i hid it before i read this and only used one line of code
    no positioning, just visibiliy; hidden
    will it change if i put a position?
    if not, how do i hide the player and have it still play music

  220. ok so that jukeshare.com site did let me add my own band music player to my page but i dont know how to delete/disable/or hide my orginal one so I wont have two music players on my page, care to help some1 plz????

  221. No, nia, it works fine with overlay profiles (mine and my friend Matt’s are overlays), so that’s not the problem. Look around and make sure you have all the code right and whatnot.

    aria, no I don’t know, but I would venture a guess that you use a style command in the body tag in one of the picture captions.

    domenic romeo, to put a band player on a regular profile, you need this code:

    (embed allowScriptAccess=”never” enableJSURL=”false” enableHREF=”false” saveEmbedTags=”true” src=”http://music.myspace.com/music/musicPlayerV3.swf?xmlfid=10659902&siteurl=http://music.myspace.com/” allownetworking=”internal” quality=”high” bgcolor=”ffffff” name=”mp3player” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer” height=”345″ width=”450″)

    Just replace the ( ) with arrow brackets and change the numbers in the src command to the friend ID numbers of the band you want (you canfind these in the profile.mysace URL for the band; just look). Currently that player has Disciple’s friend ID, so it accesses their player. I’d suggest you just keep it there because Disciple rocks hard.

    Matt, if you are using IE then the song won’t play, just disappear. And no, the positioning isn’t necessary if you are going to hide the player, but I didn’t see a reason to confuse people who don’t know any code by removing parts of the code. To hide the player and still hear the music, try this (I’ve only been told it works, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t): Set the position to absolute and the change the left and top commands to -400px. Worth a shot.

    Aplus, you shouldn’t have skipped the tutorial messages when you first created your account. They would have told you to go to edit profile and then to the profile songs tab and press delete.

  222. how can i hide my stand alone player on myspace

  223. Okay How Can I Move my standalone music player…the four song band ones from my music page to my regular page?…i saw another myspacer do it i was wondering how…and how do i keep the number of views and plays the same too thanks

  224. For moving the artist player (it’s not a “standalone” player, so please, people, stop confusing me with improper terminology.) see comment #225.

  225. okay greg,
    i need help.
    i typed in the code, and my player is gone =] (thanks !)
    but now its not playing any music. =( *help!!*



  226. Just look at what I said to Matt at the bottom of comment #225. It’s a browser thing. It’s also the reason that my profile has the player right there on it, strategically placed as it may be.

  227. i have a music profile and i was wondering if there is a code to move the 4 song player anywhere on my page

  228. hello:]
    mkkay so ii tried to hide my music player thingy and it hide it buttt then ii couldnt hear my song playing:/ ii read what the other people wrote about that happening to theirs and ii tried putting -400px butt it still didnt workk:[&& now iim like blahh.:/anyy suggestions???

  229. hey i have a third paty pleyer how do i move that to the top left, tired but nothing so far

  230. sorry might take a while to load, a lot of music on my site.
    might be slow internet connection maybe not, dunno?
    i know i mispelled stuff, it’s still good.

  231. Casper One, this same code should move the music profile player.

    Venessa, like I said, the moving it idea is only a theory, and untried theory. It won’t play because of your browser most likely.

    Randal, I haven’t done any work with third-party players, so I can’t speak with authority on that subject, but if I had to guess, I’d say that you should look at the code for the third-party player and see what kind of tag it’s using (most likely embed or object) and use CSS to alter that tag’s positioning.

  232. you’re freakin awesome.

  233. well thank you anyway.
    i’ll still try to move it.
    but, mucha’s gracia’s

  234. everything worked, but one last problem. every time i scroll up and down on my profile the player kind of disappears. if you drag the mouse over some of the player reappears. is there a way to fix that, if you want to check my profile for example, here. thanks for your time

  235. also i can’t change songs and none of the play buttons work


  237. I tried a few different codes to hide it, and none of them worked.. so I tried yours, and it didn’t work either.

    now my player is gone, AND my song won’t play.

    I tried deleting and re-adding the song, and still nothing..


    (by the way, I use Firefox, should I try Internet Explorer?)

    there is my email, in case any of this ends up leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

  239. Hey, Casper, I can’t help you there. Like I said, I haven’t really played around with the profile player; I’m only making speculations. Sorry, friend.

    Younes, I couldn’t tell you since I have no clue at all. Don’t even know what you’re talking about…

    Emma, my code does work provided it’s don’e correctly, and under no circumstances should you abandon FireFox.

    Raquel, thanks for taking up my back, and sorry about editting your comment; I try to keep the cussing off the site.

  240. hey could you please help me I have this layout code & somehow there is a song playing in it but i cant see it or get rid of it. I would much like to get rid of it if u could lookat the code and tell me how to do that it would be much appreciated

    Myspace Layout Stealer .mygen { Created using MyGen 2.5 – http://www.mygen.co.uk } .mygen { Background Properties } table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:ffafbb; background-image:url(http://i14.tinypic.com/2emq4it.jpg); background-attachment: fixed; background-position:bottom right; background-repeat:repeat;

    border-left:000000 10pt solid; border-right:000000 10pt solid; border-bottom:000000 10pt solid; border-top:000000 10pt solid;

    scrollbar-face-color:ffafbb; scrollbar-highlight-color:transparent; scrollbar-3dlight-color:transparent; scrollbar-shadow-color:transparent; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:transparent; scrollbar-arrow-color:ffffff ; scrollbar-track-color:transparent; }

    .mygen { Table Properties } table table { border: 0px } table table table table{border:0px} table table table { border-style:double; border-width:8px; border-color:010010; background-color=ffffff} table table table td { background-color:ffffff; filter:NONE; } table table table table td {filter:none;} .mygen

    border: none;
    .module, .module, .blogbody, table.footer, .standard, .modulemodulefontcolor, td, p, .content, .smalltext{
    font-size: 8pt;
    letter-spacing: 0pt;
    cursor: crosshair;}
    font-weight: normal;
    font-size: 8pt;
    font-family:arial narrow;
    font-size: 8pt;
    color: 000000;}
    border:4px dashed;
    font:normal 8pt Verdana;
    height: 0;
    PADDING-TOP: 1px;
    PADDING-RiGHT: 1px;
    PADDING-LEFT: 1px;
    .blogbody b, .standard b, p b, i, strong {
    font-weight: normal;
    color: 000000 ;
    .search, .searchbarborder, .footer, hr, banner{ display: none; }
    .navigation { display: none; font-weight: none !important; width: 100% !important; font-size: 10px;}
    .navigation * div { display: none; float: right; font-weight: none !important}
    { }
    .text, .spacetext, .redtext, .redtext8, .redbtext, .redtext12b, .bluebtext, .redbtext, .utext, .orangetext, .orangetext2, .orangetext15, .lightbluetext8, .bluetext8, .whitetext7, .whitetext12, .whitetext15, .blacktext15, .blacktext13, .blacktext12, .nametext, .blacktext12nb, .blacktext10, .blacktext10nb, .blacktext7, .footer, .skip, .blacktext14bu a, a:link, a:active, a:visited, a.readmail, a.readmail:link, a.readmail:active, a.readmail:visited, a.redlink, a.redlink:link, a.redlink:active, a.redlink:visited, a.blink, a.blink:link, a.blink:active, a.blink:visited, a.white, a.white:link, a.white:active, a.white:visited, a.white7, a.white7:link, a.white7:active, a.white7:visited, a.black7, a.black7:link, a.black7:active, a.black7:visited, a.navbar:link, a.navbar:active, a.navbar:visited, a.skip, a.skip:link, a.skip:active, a.skip:visited, a.redlink7, a.redlink7:link, a.redlink7:active, a.redlink7:visited, a.graylink7, a.graylink7:link, a.graylink7:active, a.graylink7:visited, a.bluelink, a.bluelink:link, a.bluelink:active, a.bluelink:visited, a.searchlinkBig, a.searchlinkBig:link, a.searchlinkBig:active, a.searchlinkBig:visited, a.searchlinkSmall, a.searchlinkSmall:link, a.searchlinkSmall:active, a.searchlinkSmall:visited, a.searchlinkSmall:hover, a.blue_white, a.blue_white:link, a.blue_white:active, a.blue_white:visited
    { font-family:Verdana;
    font-size: 8pt dashed;
    line-height: 8px;
    font-weight: none;
    text-transform:; }

    font:20px Verdana;
    display: block;

    color: ffffff;
    font: 35px arial narrow;


    .blacktext10 {
    font: 20px sans-serif;
    display: block;
    text-align: center;

    .btext {
    font: 20px sans-serif;
    display: block;
    text-align: center;

    C{ This contact table code was generated at http://r4wr.com/ct }
    .contactTable {
    width:300px !important; height:150px !important; padding:0px !important;
    background-attachment:scroll; background-position:center center;
    background-repeat:no-repeat; background-color:transparent;}
    .contactTable table, table.contactTable td { padding:0px !important;
    border:0px; background-color:transparent; background-image:none;}
    .contactTable a img {visibility:visible; border:0px !important;}
    .contactTable a {display:block; height:28px; width:115px;}
    .contactTable .text {font-size:1px !important;}
    .contactTable .text, .contactTable a, .contactTable img {filter:none !important;}
    .contactTable .whitetext12 {display:none;}C{ Original Coding by Mrk – BBZ – http://www.myspace.com/contacttables }

    table table table td {vertical-align:top ! important;}
    span.blacktext12 {
    visibility:visible !important;
    background-position:center center;
    font-size:0px; letter-spacing:-0.5px;
    width:450px; height:200px; display:block !important; }
    span.blacktext12 img {display:none;}
    .blacktext12 {visibility:hidden;}table table table td.text div img {visibility:hidden;} table table table td.text div { background-image:url(“http://c.myspace.com/Groups/00011/87/00/11020078_l.gif”); background-repeat:no-repeat;} table table table td.text table table div img {visibility:visible;} table table table td.text table table div { background-image:none;}
    body, html {visibility:visible !important; display:block !important}

    A:hover {
    BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(); CURSOR: crosshair; COLOR: black; BACKGROUND-COLOR: ..ffafbb; TEXT-DECORATION: none
    a .text
    font-weight: bold;
    font-family:Verdana, Verdana, Verdana;

    texttable.left, td.mainleft, table.left, table.navigation, table.search{display:none}
    table.blogbody tr td {width:0px; padding: 0px;}
    table.module { border: 1px solid 000000 ; width:165px; background-color:ffafbb; }
    table.module th { font:8pt Verdana;
    border-top: 1px solid ..ffffff;
    border-bottom: 4px solid ..000000 ;
    border-left: 0px solid;
    border-right: 0px solid; }
    table.module td { background-color:ffafbb;
    U {font-family:Verdana; color:000000; letter-spacing: -1pt; font-size:8pt; font-style: border; border-bottom: ..000000 ;}
    P {font-family:Verdana; color:000000; font-size: 8pt; text-align:ltr;}
    B, STRONG {font-family:Verdana; font-weight: normal; color:000000; letter-spacing:none;font-size: 8pt;}
    i, EM {font-family: Verdana; font-qwight: normal; color:000000 ; letter-spacing:none;}

    Pimp Myspace

  241. hey i really need help I just got a code for a layout and put it in and well now a song plays automatically on my profile now even when i go to Profile Songs and delete it. i didnt download the song but I feel that there may be something in the code if you could take a look i would appreciate it very very much. thanks liv

  242. Dear GREG,
    Since u told me that u couldn’t understand.
    well… ill explain fluentlly. this was my question :
    i was wondering, if u can help me out and give me info on how to upload more then 4 songs on my myspace music standalone player.
    Some people on myspace have 8, 12, 15, 17, and 20 track on there Myspace Music Standalone player.
    Like :

  243. DEAR GREG
    My question was how can i put more then 4 tracks on myspace standaonle player like other users ?
    Because the maximum tracks that u can upload is only 4
    but ive seen some people have more then the maximum….
    some have 5,8,10,15,18,20
    like :
    http://www.myspace.com/jtthebiggafigga or http://www.myspace.com/diddy
    the maximum is 4 tracks, but how can i post more then the maximum?

  244. Younes, I know what you want, but what I’m saying is that I’d never even seen that done before your comment pointed me there, and I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea about how to go about violating the song limit.

    Liv, I scanned through, but I don’t know what’s going on with yours, though it could possibly be in the HTML (not the CSS) and HTML doesn’t show up in a WordPress comment. Past that, I do my absolute best not to touch any generator codes because they’re still just altering the already existing myspace code, which is a complete wreck that should have been thought about before being implemented. Whenever I create I profile, I start by removing everything on the page and starting from stratch just so that I don’t have to deal with all the crap that Myspace calls code. Ick…




  248. what the ******

    it doesnt work!

  249. I wanted to hide my MySpace Music Player, and your code works great mate. You are a great asset to the computing world! Thanks again. Much appreciated!

    People, if you are struggling with the hiddden code, manually type the ” (speech marks) in the code after copying and pasting, replacing the copied versions of speech marks.

  250. I want to diasbel the player all together.
    can you help me with that?

  251. You don’t need any code to disable the player, just use the option that myspace provides in edit profile.

    Don’t ask me how to make it invisible; I explained that in the post.

    wez, thanks for being kind.

  252. cheers for this

    mine all worked great.
    i managed to make the player invisible on an overlay for firefox and internet explorer.

  253. Greg, I’ve looked through the majority of these posts, and I haven’t seen the question asked how to change the appearance of the music player, like aRRiel’s myspace. Moving it is easy, but I don’t see how to make it look different. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  254. Hi Greg,
    I firstly want to thank you about you keeping to this post.
    If it was me i would have gotten fed up by now :).
    I have a lot of code on my myspace and have altered the layout and stuff.
    If you want to see my myspace.
    I dont know why but the mp3 myspace music box is sitting right in the middle of the screen.
    I really dont know what to do.
    I have tried everything but nothing is working.
    I did:
    (style type=”text/css”)
    object {
    position: absolute;
    visibility: hidden;
    left: 0px;
    top: 0px;

    but instead of brackets i did the

  255. arrow things.
    Maybe that is where i went wrong.
    Thanks again for all of your help :).

  256. hey greg!
    thanks so much for that. the media player has been annoying me for weeks!
    i owe you muchly!
    liz xxx

  257. i have a band playlist. do you know how to make it small?

  258. wow.. nvm..

    i cant believe i asked that..

  259. Hey Greg, i copyed 3 players to my page and i am trying to disable auto start on them. Now i have gone into myspace option and selected the option to turn off auto start however, i am not sure weather or not these are the band players or wat? They are of bigger size (found the smaller ones after a while would just stop loading…). Anyway, the other option in myspace allows the inderidual to stop the auto start of music when visiting someone elses band page. Since i want to disable the auto start for all but 1 of the 3 players on the page, i was wondering if you know of the code to force the players to stop autostart… i figure if its in the objects (players) build then it must over ride wat ever other commands are on the page (similar to how other parts of script or instances of HTML over ride the body section in a html script of the font wen its surrounded by font color= and /font tags…)

    If you could help us out, please do and if you could reply to my myspace? it just late here and im not always at the same workstation. If you want to see what i am talking about anyway its fairly easy to see within the source. my page is http://www.myspace.com/kani_etsi ta!

  260. ok im all lost and ish
    i tried to fix this problem.
    but it never really goes away
    my music player is hidden on my browser
    cuz i use firefox but i know alot of people
    use gay internet explorer and i looked at my profile from there
    and basicly my music thing is right in the middle of the page.
    i tried what you said but its a overlay so im lost

  261. Hey guys, I have been searching and searching trying to figure out how to post my band’s music player into a bulletin.

    does anbybody know how? I would appreciate it sooo much.

  262. I did what Greg told me to do at the bottome of comment 225, but as i posted the player on a bulletin, it just said “loading xml file” and never showed the songs.

    how can i fix this??

    (i am a dorkwad)

  263. should it resolve on its own? or what can i do?

  264. heeeyyy……. yeah… thanks so much for the codes and info (everybody) …. wow….. yeah,,,,,

    *hugs Greg*….. ur cute!…. *wink*

    oh,,, it didn’t work out for me at first but ,,, since my layout is sort of like an overlay too,,,i had to fit in a new code with ur codes into the layout codes,,,LOL^^,, did u get that?….omg…. well,, after several, several tries i got it to work,,, woah … uhuh…..

    but thanks so much for the codes,,, and thanks to Alex (i wuv u 2!) for showin me the site to do it…..

    Pang ^________^

  265. i deleted my music player off of my page and now when i add bands songs to my profile.. they dont work and it doesnt show up when i go into my song/video options.

    any helppp pelasee?

  266. Thanks!!!

    Works Perfect

  267. This:

    position: absolute;
    visibility: visible;
    left: 200px;
    top: 200px;

    Worked perfectly. It screwed up the videos otherwise. But omg thank you guys so much for saving my sanity.

  268. Thankyou SOOOO much Greg,

    I saw what you said you’d heard in Post 225 – It totally works for IE, changing the positions to -400 and making it visible works (although its stuffing up playback, i’ve only played it 4 times and it tends to either cut out and play through again at the start or cut off just before the end and stop playing?)

    Anyway Its the best im gonna get i guess, THANKS MAN

  269. Hi, I’ve tried both of the codes & neither of them do anything? can u help?

  270. Younes, the reason some bands have more than 4 tracks is because their record label pays myspace to do it. its usually to preview a new album that is about to be released.

  271. (embed allowScriptAccess=”never”never” enableJSURL=”false” enableHREF=”false” saveEmbedTags=”true” src=”http://music.myspace.com/music/musicPlayerV3.swf?xmlfid=144387632&siteurl=http://music.myspace.com/” allownetworking=”internal” quality=”high” bgcolor=”ffffff” name=”mp3player” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer” height=”400″ width=”400″)

    this is what i am posting to make my bands player show up.
    why isnt is working??

    of course, instead of the ( ) i am using

  272. ok i moved my myspace player and now tere a white block over my picture same size as the player cab someone please help me with this..thanks…myspace.com/boredoutmybeautifulmind take a llok and see wat im talking about

  273. i have a div layout and i wanted to hide the music player and it hides in firefox but then when i look at it from ie it covers up some of my stuff could you help me? look at my profile here http://www.myspace.com/tweb92…by the way i just moved it for right now until i can get it hidden on firefox and ie.

  274. i have a div layout and i wanted to hide the music player and it hides in firefox but then when i look at it from ie it covers up some of my stuff could you help me? look at my profile here http://www.myspace.com/tweb92... by the way i just moved it for right now until i can get it hidden on firefox and ie. I kind of messed up the one above it with my url sorry

  275. i have a div layout and i wanted to hide the music player and it hides in firefox but then when i look at it from ie it covers up some of my stuff could you help me? look at my profile here http://www.myspace.com/tweb92 … by the way i just moved it for right now until i can get it hidden on firefox and ie. I kind of messed up the one above it with my url sorry ahh i did it again this one is fixed so sorry

  276. how can I change the song size? I want it smaller…

  277. Hey, I want no music player at all. no music, no player NOTHING. How do I delete?

  278. Hi everyone. I am not sure if this is needed since I only read about half the posts but this code worked for me. It moved the music player in both FF and IE.

    td td embed {position:absolute; left:530px; top:1485px; width:295px; height:51px; } td td td embed { position:static; width:auto; height:auto; }

    Hope this helps

  279. hi,
    i used a layout code and it made my music player invisible.
    how do i make it visible again, i don’t want to change it so that it doesnt start auotomatically, but i also don’t want people to not be able to pause the song.
    thanks xo

  280. thanks!! that worked and it was easy with thanks to your instructions!!

  281. look at my myspace.
    im trying to put some embeded content in the section where my about me is.
    but theres one problem. everytime i put the code for a video for example it will put it to the right of my top friends.
    i want it to be under my top friends.

    would you be able to help me with this problem?


  282. Is it possible to disable to player totally, or make it so that an outside song you have uploaded plays instead?

  283. How do you put music on a bulletin????


  285. anyone find a way to hide the player in IE7?

  286. Anyone know how to move the interests table after removing the URL box? Just wanna tidy up my prof! =] Cheers!

  287. Hi there im just dropping by for some quick help if possible..
    im not using a standard flash mp3 player, i was using a a code generator to have a nicer looking mp3 player..
    iv had it working out for about 3months, but to day im not sure what exactly happened but my player is showing up like 3 places down where it should be. and it ends up overlaying allot of my Text

    the place where the mp3 player is supposed to go remains blank
    now iv tried changing the code, and trying other flash mp3 players to try pin point this problem.. but no matter what i do,
    even i try move it all together any where on the page, i get same problem its to far down from where it should and overlaps some of the page.. id appriated any help or even push in the right direction
    as im a bit suck here, and the only i can do if cant fix it..
    is leave out the music alltogether.. which i dont really wanna do..

  288. wow. i just read this entire page of posts. haha i found it pretty interesting, mad props to greg for keeping up with all the “OMG PLZ HELP ME PLZ” thingies.

    im pretty html savvy but when i re-size the player, and move it to where i want, an annoying white box surrounds the player. i was wondering if there was a way to make the box turn black like my background lol.

    anywho. im going to go add greg.

    catch you fools later ttfn :]

  289. hi i dont know what this is?

  290. my friends layout has her song playing atomaticly and its invislbe!! how do i doo it????

  291. Greg, if your there I’d really appreciate it if you could take a look at my profile and tell me how to make my Music Player invible, I’ve tried most methods of moving it and such but it seems to just hide under the banner and now that I have some weird bit of scroll bar, when I scroll down the music player appears over the banner..



  292. Thank you so much.
    I’ve been trying to hide the music player in IE for some time now.
    Kudos to you.

  293. You could read all that and do it just to make the stupid myspace music player dissapear, or you can just turn it off in the myspace options and use a better music player for myspace from http://WWW.MYTUNESLIVE.COM

    You can customize your music player, and upload music from your computer into a custom multiple myspace music player!

  294. hi. can someone please help me. i’ve looked everywhere to fix this but no luck.
    when the standalone music player is playing i use to be able to move the song bar to skip to the middle of the song and stuff. now it says disabled. any help would be much appreciated.

  295. I have a question for you… I can’t figure it out for the life of me..

    If you go to my myspace.. http://www.myspace.com/blazer9782 you’ll see I have a white background behind my music player.. I’m assuming that perhaps one of the other codes messed with it.. is there anyway to remove that?

  296. mmm code worked fantastically after i finally read that you cant copy and paste it! now…how would i go about moving my default pic up to the center of the right table? that would be fantastic as well. if you dont want to then, it’s understandable.

    thanks anywaysss

  297. I tried to use the code to move the myspace music player around, or just hide it.
    When I tried to move it, it stayed in the same place.
    When I tried to hide it, it was hidden, but it didn’t play at all on firefox, and it still showed up on internet explorer.
    I don’t even care if it’s not hidden, I’d like it in the top corner if it would work.

  298. By the way, it’s a DIV layout.

  299. i’ve got an overlay layout on myspace. and i hid the music player ages ago, thing is i want it to show again, but i dont know how.

  300. When I go to add music to my page there is nothing there. When I got to add songs and go to band, singers pages there is no way to add a song to a profile. I know that people are doing it because it shows how many downloads each page has. Why cant I see any songs to add them to my myspace profile. I have internet explorer, i have the newest addition of macromedia I have quick time everything. Also, I have a video slideshow on my proflie and I cannot see that either but my friends can. What gives?

  301. Im baffled about how many of you are asking about removing the music player completely – no song, no player, nothing … every try REMOVING THE SONG that you have attached to your profile? No Song … NO PLAYER SHOWING. Sheesh. I can’t believe how many people ask that – nor can I believe how many of you slammed this poor person with the same question over and over and over again, when he’s simply trying to help – I wouldn’t help if offering help and I got slammed with the same question a billion times over.

    I originally came here searching for a code to turn the white box around the resized music player either transparent – or in the least black … after googling my question and seeing other people ask it here … but MY GOD, I couldn’t believe how badly some of you, most of you – totally slammed this poor, sweet person trying to offer help – with a zillion questions, most of which were either the same questions or BASIC QUESTIONS! Like hello? How do you make your player from not auto start? How about you look in your settings and change that setting? Man people … not everything on Myspace is a code – you can actually CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS ON YOUR OWN.


  303. how do i steal someones myspace song if its hidden?
    is there a code?
    muchly appreciated.

  304. i was really hoping this code work, but unfortunately ((just like all the other codes)) this one has failed. Do you have any suggestions? OR could you possibly tell me how to use it properly because I was a tiny bit confused. Thanks.

  305. hey man, i wana upload my bands music into a bulletin, but i dunno what codes i need to put in the bulletin can you help me please?
    many thanks x

  306. After attempting to post a bulletin with a music player added to it, I can no longer access my “Edit profile” or “post bulletin” ..Instead I get this error message: The function that you are currently trying to use is disabled and will be back shortly.

    “We are making some minor changes to this section so please bear with us until we can get it back online.

    Please do NOT email me about this. Just wait it out. May 7, 2007 -Tom”

    I can still read my e-mails and send emails/comments..this has happened 2 times. ONce on 2 different accounts. ANd its always after posting a bulletin with an embedded player. It says it posts the bulletin, and then when I go to view my bulletin by clicking “Bulletins I have posted”..my bulletin is NOT there. So, I go to repost , and then the above error messag comes up!

    was there something wrong with the player code? I can post it here or e-mail it to someone who can help me..please. I have an artist page, and it is very important for me to post bulletins.

    Thank you

  307. “Greg (17:16:01) :


    I don’t completely understand the question, friend. Do you want to take the music player from a music page (large player with up to four songs) and move it over to a normal profile? I recently found out how to do that if you need it. Please elaborate, if you would.”

    I need the answer to that please, ive been looking everywhere trying to figure this out. I want to move it to emails or bulletins though is it the same??

  308. how do i paste my myspace music player in a pic comment cuz i have a myspace music player

  309. if i have div layout, can i still move my music player?

  310. i already made my music player disappear but i want peolpe to be able to stop it or pause it and get a cool icon for like the pause button …..cause i got videos and i cant play them until the music stops or ends….how do i get a pause button or somethin like that to be able to pause the music player?

  311. we want the four band profile u idiottttt

  312. it dosent work with my and i took off my other embeded objects guess i’ll have to find another one …once agina lol well tanx anyway

  313. i have the music player hidden, but is there anyway to keep it hidden and still be able to see other videos such as youtube videos that are on my profile as well?

  314. Can somebody please teach me how to post my MUSIC PLAYER as a bulletin???

  315. hi, greg.

    is there any possible way to actually customize your music player like change the look of it to a picture?

  316. how do i hide my music player and how do i put the music in a picture comment

  317. k so i dunno if anyone figured this out yet but i just used two codes to get the player where i wanted it and how big i wanted it in both firefox and internet explorer:

    for i.e: (style)object { visibility: visible; position: absolute; left:270px; top:760px; width:450px; height:120px; }

    for f.f: (style)td td embed {position:absolute; left:50%; margin-left:-230px; top:680px; width:450px; height:120px; } td td td embed { position:static; width:auto; height:auto; }(/style)

    just change the parentheses to left and right arrows around the style tags

    heres how my profile looks in BOTH ff and ie:


  318. hey does anyone know the code to move the music player to the top of the screen of my profile 4 myspace???

  319. is there a way to change your single music players color?

  320. i want my music player in the box that says music player and ive tried altering the position and it wont budge. any ideas how i can get it to move?

  321. hey,
    okay i have my song hidden and it works great.
    but is there anyway i can still have a pause butten or do you know the url for pausing the song?
    becaue i also have a video on my profile so i want ppl to be able to pause me song so they can watch the video
    please help :]

    email me back or on this thing.


  322. It is easy to move the player.

    I have the code here:
    Myspace Band Page Music Player

  323. is there any way to upload more than 5 songs on my myspace music player? because i got more than 4 by going to myspace.com/bodog but that only gives you 5. can you help?

  324. You are so amazing Greg. I love you. I want all of your children.

  325. “Poor grammar is the downfall of modern civilization. Use punctuation. It can only make you look less ignorant, and I fail to see how that is a bad thing.”

  326. Matthew Bowerman Says:

    cvhris, your not very nice…….jerk
    laugh out loud

  327. LayoutNerd.com is a WSIWYG myspace profile editor. It will move your music player anywhere you want just by clicking and dragging. Not on band profiles though, but still kinda nifty.

  328. heloooo
    i want my media player to be hidden but i put it in my all about me and its still there?!?
    pleaseeeeee help

  329. Hello sarah.
    Try this CSS

    object {
    position: absolute;
    visibility: Hidden;
    left: 0px;
    top: 0px;

    If that didnt work, maybe just try move it off the whole page altogether with this

    object {
    position: absolute;
    visibility: visible;
    left: -400px;
    top: 100px;

    Hope this works :]

  330. OMG!!!thank you soo much greg you are awesome!! my profle is absolutly perfect now!! ily!

  331. thanks. perfect.

  332. I want a song that someone else
    has on their myspace but it’s
    hidden is there a way to get it?

  333. To CC
    If you want a song from another’s Myspace, you can check their music history which is the new neat feature that myspace added recently… however, just hope that that person didn’t delete their music history to completely hide they’re song.

    Another trick that I’ve speculated before but then confirmed when reading through Greg’s tips (thanks you so much Greg).. however posting it up for everyone would pretty much ruin the hiding code.

    To Greg
    Anyways, I was meaning to ask you Greg. Is there a way to hide only portions of the media player? What I’m trying to do is to keep my play button yet hide everything else (Reason? Yes, I’m a selfish person who doesn’t like to share his music :D) so that if anyone got annoyed by it, they could turn it off but I’m free from biters. I have some idea of how it could be done, maybe adding an invisible table over parts of the media player?
    I’ve just started learning CSS and such in my web design class so I really think this is possible.
    Sorry if it isn’t though.

    Thanks for every help provided and for reading.

    Henry Li

  334. hi, im going to put my profile on private, but Im looking for a code to have my music player still showing for public view. Ive seen it before, I dont know why I didnt stop and ask. Hopefully YOU have an answer to this, for Iam desperate. =) thanks

  335. Hey ju$t wanted ta $ay thank$ 4 the code and it worked for me!!!!
    I know $ome of the$e people r $o rude talkin bout it dont work pay no mind to them there ju$t ignorant and dumb Cuz i got it right the fir$t time!!!
    ju$t wanted ta thank$ you really appraited the Code!!!!!!
    keep doin ya thang!!!
    take Care

    my my$pace url i$: *LINK*

    inCa$e you wanna get in COntaCt!!

  336. how do u get music to play in the back round of a bulletin?

  337. hi greg! umm i was wondering if you could make me code to like move up the interest section up! i cant find it anywhere! thx.

  338. Hi, quick question and so sorry ahead of time if it’s already been addressed but: i’m using a div overlay as mentioned before and it contains an embed code for the default myspace music player yet the player doesn’t show up, it doesn’t auto-play like it’s set to do, and even when i use mozilla’s “no page syle” setting it’s nowhere to be found. i’ve toyed with the position of the player and all.

    i’m beginning to think this is one of myspace’s many glitches…


  339. Hi Greg,

    How can I make my artist page audio player smaller and also hide the “Total Plays,” “Downloads Today” and “Plays Today” fields?

    Also, I’d like to retain the “Download,” “Lyrics” and “Add” links, but hide the “Comments” link.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  340. I am trying to help a friend who has a band figure out how to send myspace messages to users with the standalone player code in them. You can post on your profile and on bulletins just fine with the code, but it does not show up when sent in a message, any way to fix this? Thanks for your help

  341. hey does amy1 know how to get ur music to atom play on ur page???

  342. so i used this code to take out the music player from my page but now i want the music player to show and have music…BUT i cant so i have no music at all..how do i get the music player again on my page???help please

  343. okay well my music player isnt showing up, i dont have any hiding codes for it at all. when i go to song and video it says i dont have a song my profile, but i added differnt songs multiple times and it still isnt workkkinggg!

  344. How the heck do you get the code of your standalone music player of your artist page on myspace to post it on comment boards and bulletins and ect ?

    ~Maximum Carnage~

  345. perfect works the way i wanted it too

  346. Сам он говорит что-то близкое к ЛабутАн.

    здесь видел ет gamebulletin.ru

  347. I really hope you know how to help with this…I’m sorry if I’m bothering you. I really do believe this would work if I actually knew what you meant. computer talk like all of these codes go like right over my head. If you could help in any way I would appreciate it sooo much.

  348. This was very helpful, thank you.

  349. в конце концов: восхитительно!!

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    use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
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